Flynn set 'em up.

They're still too stupid to see it.

@ThomasWic @grits I love they think there was chaos in the White House in the early days. Trump planned his presidency so meticulously do they really think the WH would have been in chaos at possibly the most dangerous time? Surely by now they realise it was a trap for the arrogant and drunk on power idiots?


@Grammy @grits

They absolutely DO NOT and WILL NEVER accept that Trump outwitted them.

The reason I stopped reading ALL political analysis was that it was wasting my time.

I can't think of any pundit who perceives Trump's stunning genius. People who are otherwise brilliant tell me that Trump is not as good as I say.

I didn't wake up one morning and decide that Trump is a stunning genius. HE PROVED IT TO ME.

So I have no trouble accepting it.

@ThomasWic @Grammy @grits

The only thing I knew about Donald Trump in 2015 was that he was a brash yet suave businessman who had succeeded at many and failed at a few businesses. I knew he was a celebrity, but beyond that, I hadn't a clue simply because he had no direct impact on my life.

I understood what he was doing, believe it or not, from a dream. I almost never remember any dreams, so when I do, they are profound.

@ThomasWic @Grammy
Attacks on POTUS don't affect me as they did in the beginning. Each attack is ultimately met with the other shoe dropping. There will be a reckoning.

@ThomasWic @Grammy @grits

Maybe a good Idea would be a thread giving the best examples from the past 2-3 years of how Trump proved himself to you.

Would be a great primer for any newcomers here.

@thinksolon @ThomasWic @Grammy @grits He has proved himself to me by what he has accomplished. Oh, and how he counter-punches and never backs down. I love his latest trolling of the left--signing the wall with a Sharpie. Pure genius. And so funny.

@ThomasWic @Grammy @grits

Something I do not understand is that Trump has led a very public life, has written many books, went to Wharton, build a multi-billion dollar empire, bounced back from nearly a billion dollar hole much of it personally guaranteed, rebuilt another multi-billion dollar empire, ran for President and won against establishment favorites and the dimwits still think he is a muppet.

It's all there if they bother to look, but they will never look.

@chart_map @ThomasWic @grits
So many people tell me Trump is an idiot. I just ask them if he's such an idiot how did he create a billion dollar industry, have a successful tv show, outwit establishment Republicans, crooked Hillary, the Dems, academia, Hollywood and the mainstream media to become president... as well as avoid the traps they left for him?
They can never answer that. But they will won't accept it
Some people just refuse to think for themselves

@ThomasWic @Grammy @grits

He’s the 5 Star General of strategic maneuvering in this political civil war. Fascinating!

He and his allies got this!

@MegasAlexandros @ThomasWic @Grammy @grits It's funny you said "He's the 5 Star General of strategic maneuvering..." because the coincidences between Trump now and General Washington in 1777 are mind blowing!

@ThomasWic @Grammy @grits Thomas, watch the Scott Adams periscope and read his blog. He recognized Trump’s genius early and gets a lot of things right.

Not everything—his recent speculation on Iran is off and I’d love to see you on his periscope as a guest to explain that, but he certainly sees Trump’s persuasive ability and how everything from his tweets to his policies are very well planned.

@ThomasWic @Grammy @grits
He made them look like fools and continues to do so. Seemingly without breaking a sweat.

@ThomasWic @Grammy @grits

I have long admired Trump. Brash, Old School AMERICAN Business Titan, Unabashed capitalist.

He was slamming Japan 20 years ago on TV and I thought, "Wow. If only...

Of all the great things about Trump, I am still flabbergasted by the intentional transformation of his speaking style. From that calm, erudite Manhattan cadence displayed in his 80's Congressional testimonies...to the Blue Collar Queens Everyman, The Donald.

You nailed it 1 yr ago.

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