There you go with that light whip thing again. Took out part of a tree this time. That’s powerful right there, my man.

@macoman4u1 they said that you can use light, to make something disappear.

@ThomasWic @chip
Wow! That is great!!

Imagine combat uniforms with a lighting concept built into them, but it’d be a bitch to add a 30 lb battery to a knapsack.


Th concept is entirely possible now with leds, solar panel backpacks, and 50000mAh power banks that only weight 10oz.

@ThomasWic @chip

Now there's a picture concept you can work on, Chip! If nothing else, think about it. Let the ideas roll around a bit. Might get your juices flowing.

@BlizzyBuzz @macoman4u1 @ThomasWic ..since light has properties of a ray, a wave, and a particle, the bending and scattering of light, and the amount of stuff in the air, and distance, seem to be key.

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