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Surprising article from NPR. Within the article is one key root cause that will need to be addressed on the dangerously mentally ill:

"Sisti says the stigma around mental health is "systematized" in our health care system, more so than in the public view. Health care providers are 'rather leery about these individuals because these people are, often at least according to the stereotype, high-cost patients who maybe are difficult to treat or noncompliant', he says.🤨

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no easy money or good stats for my record treating them crazy folks.

In non mental health areas I've had docs refuse treatment because it would make their stats look bad.

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Okay. Any ideas on solutions about how to address dangerously insane in the US?


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1. Repeal the laws that prohibit involuntary commitment.

2. Reopen state and federal mental hospitals.

Those are the only solutions. Homelessness and mass shootings are the direct result of deinstitutionalization.

If we're not willing to take the two steps above, then we need to just shut up and endure.

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Not only does Trump know this, it seems he's waiting for growing number of Americans to come to a consensus on it.

Too many people still have their heads buried in the sand.

@ThomasWic @barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @EarlThePearls @Cdubois I agree with M. Wictor. I lived most of my life in Quebec, Canada, the most socialist province of the country. There is NO reason, with the innumerable social programs there, to be homeless. Whatever your problem is, there's a program for it, I kid you not. Now, there still are homeless people. The vast majority with mental illnesses and addictions. Does the system really want this responsibility?

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I'm not in disagreement at all. I do wonder what happens to people who are being taken advantage of by greedy family members or caretakers and the impact that would have on the individual. I say this having worked for an elder law attorney for years. I've seen elder abuse and witnessed the vultures going in full attack of the elderly. That's my only concern.

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It's very easy to say someone 80 years old is in declining health and doesn't have the mental capacity to manage their finances, for example. People don't seem to have as much integrity today as in the past.

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