The Smiling Somali is not looking so good all of a sudden.

@ThomasWic Her smile is gone, somebody hit a bullseye on her fraud. Guess we will be seeing her true self soon.

@athena12 @ThomasWic Like Margaret Hamilton, she'll soon be doing TV commercials for Maxwell House Coffee...

Always looked like reptile to me, now I'm seeing why

@ThomasWic Given her transgressions, you wonder how violent the accountability might be from her community. That must be sobering no matter how narcissistic you are.

@ThomasWic I'm hoping for deportation. Do not pass "GO" Do Not collect $200.

@ThomasWic The black lacquered pointed false talons look positively vile. They suit her well.

what is the logic of covering your hair and wearing these kind of fingernails??

@ThomasWic Taking your brothers balls in the face will do that.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.