Greetings, @ThomasWic. I read this today and I thought it would be happy news for you. Your pal Roseanne looks great, happy and is out there telling her story.

@ThomasWic I hope one day we get to see that interview with you that you did in her studio. The photo with the metal strainer hats is fantastic. You both look so happy.



I don't think we will.

She let it all hang out. Said a lot of things that she later regretted.

Personally, I never regret anything I say, but my situation isn't comparable to hers.


Yes. She knew she could trust her friend. The rest of the world, not so much.

@ThomasWic @BobbyDread

@ThomasWic I completely understand. I’m just glad the two of you got to spend that time together and let it all hang out. That smiling photo will suffice. It makes ME smile every time I see it. Best, Bob

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