There. I told you Trump and the Saudis would figure out the right response to Iran's attacks on the Saudis oil infrastructure.

The answer is total confusion.

Now the mullahs have no idea what's going to happen.

"U.S. officials shared with Saudi Arabia the intelligence reports and their assessment that Iran launched more than 20 drones and at least a dozen ballistic missiles at the Saudi oil facilities on Saturday, the people familiar said.

"But Saudi officials said the U.S. didn’t provide enough proof to conclude that the attack was launched from Iran, indicating the U.S. information wasn’t definitive."


We have people feeding the press disinformation.

We have Trump sending totally unclear messages.

And we have the Saudis saying that they're not sure what happened.


The mullahs want a war, because the knee-jerk reaction of Iranians will be to unite behind the mullahs.

That's what happened in Lebanon in 2006.

Hezbollah's enemies fell deeply in love with Hezbollah.


I wonder if this was Kerry’s strategy he fed to Iran when he did his “clandestine” meetings with them


The Taliban and the mullahs got the same bad advice:

Carry out acts of war. That will make Trump cave.

From what I'm reading, the Taliban are being absolutely slaughtered.

And the only only thing that came from the Iranian strikes on Saudi Arabia was a demonstration to the world that the mullahs are willing to disrupt global energy supplies.

It won't end well for them.

@ThomasWic @selah18
'Carry out acts of war. That will make Trump cave.' That sounds about right for half-wit Kerry.

@Baline @ThomasWic

One of my FAVORITE movies is “Patton.”
Pres Trump is fighting a World War like Patton did, and is winning - too bad the other side doesn’t know it yet.

@selah18 I really enjoyed "Patton" too. George C. Scott portrayed a real alpha male, which is aces in my book. As for the other side not knowing, Good! They deserve everything coming to them. 😀

@Baline @selah18 @ThomasWic

I’ve been reading lots of glowing statements on SQV about General Patton recently. He definitely was a great militarist.

But George S. Patton was also a blatant antisemite. I’ve read several papers on this, and was shocked and very disappointed

I would LOVE to be wrong here. If anyone here can counter his antisemitism legacy, please do!

Here’s one article about it:


@rarity @Baline @selah18

Patton was much more than a Jew-hater.

He was a full-blown lunatic. This isn't a secret.

He wanted to raise an army of Nazis and immediately start World War III against the Soviets.

He wasn't a saint; he was an incredibly brilliant general and a massively flawed human.

The Jewish Press is leaving out the part where Patton DEFEATED the Nazis and stopped the genocide of the Jews.

THAT is what matters.

@ThomasWic @rarity @Baline @selah18
What mattered is correct.
The deconstruction is not interested in the result; just victimhood.. hurt feelings trump saving millions

@masterblaster @rarity @Baline @selah18

It's pathetic, actually.

Think about it THIS way:

Patton hated Jews BUT SAVED THEM ANYWAY.

The Kurds hate the Yazidis but saved them from the Islamic State anyway. Like Patton, the Kurds used brilliant military strategy to do it.

To this day, Iraqi Kurdistan is paying huge amounts to support Yazidi refugees.

Yet Kurds hate Yazidis.

Doing the right thing despite your own personal feelings is what we call "heroism."

I bet I say this to someone everyday
" it's okay to not like something. Even an entire race of people. That does not make you a bad person."
Everyone is a little bit racist, everyone has at least one culture that they're not crazy about. Doesn't make you evil.
It's when that dislike, contempt or outright hatred becomes all-consuming that it's a problem
Now if you're out burning crosses on people's Lawns we need to have a talk....

@masterblaster @rarity @Baline @selah18

Take Patton for instance.... even though it was clear that he did not like the Jewish people he was not about to allow them to be slaughtered.
There's a lot of things I don't like about a lot of people.... But I'll be damned if I'm going to stand by and let them be injured in any way.
People can not like each other and still respect each other.

@masterblaster @rarity @Baline @selah18

I may interact with as many as 20 different people a day. Several of them I will sit down and spend hours with. It is really a great opportunity to share Minds. But believe me oh, there are plenty of these encounters that I simply endure... sometimes it requires all of my patience to not throw them through the wall.
But I smile at each one and treat them with every bit of dignity and respect that I can muster.
@masterblaster @rarity @Baline @selah18

Sometimes when I particularly bad one finally walks out the door. My wife will look at me, shake her head and say....."I have no idea how you do it"

@masterblaster @rarity @Baline @selah18

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