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*Editorial Post* - I’m hearing a lot of chatter that the Gulf states were all *VERY* shaken by Iran’s strike on Saudi Arabia. This was a wake up call. For years the Gulf states have been worried about Iran invading their countries. This attack against Saudi Arabia has convinced the Gulf States, particularly Kuwait & Saudi Arabia that they cannot wait any longer to deal w/ Iran.



Saudi Arabia has been hit over 200 times with ballistic missiles.

Nobody was shaken up. Everyone was expecting this.

The mullahs want a war in order to unite the Iranians. This is a last, desperate move to survive.

The Saudis won't give them that war, because it would be self-defeating.

@redwhitebluedude @kbrendell

They did it for multiple reasons.

Dictators tend to not get the real news from their armed forces, so the mullahs underestimate the Saudis.

Also, the mullahs come from a culture in which acts of war are negotiations.

Thirdly, they want a war, because it will unite the Iranians the way the 2006 war united Lebanese behind Hezbollah.

Something unexpected will happen. I don't know what, but it won't be a war.

@ThomasWic @kbrendell
Dictators don't get real news because they recruit yes men who tell them what the dictators want to hear. These people do not want risk getting sent to the firing squad for reporting accurate but unpleasant news.

Mullahs are such warmongers with their rhetoric of "exporting the Islamic Revolution".

Their warmongering ways are going to get deflated.

@ThomasWic @redwhitebluedude @kbrendell

Kind of reminds me of Obama and his lust for firing Generals.

O *shot* the messengers when he didn't like the message!

@Linnie @ThomasWic @kbrendell
Just like Hitler, firing Generals when he did not like what they were telling him.

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