That Carlos does great threads also over there in twatter! 😉


I agree, the left will probably never see/read it, doesn't matter the slide down is a snowball falling at the peak creating an avalanche.


Great thread.

“And he's running against a passel of buffoons and weirdos.”

Hilarious 😂

@ThomasWic wonderful thread Carlos has there. 😂😂🤣🤣. 💥


I love it!!!

I especially like how the author made reference to "The Year Zero".

@ThomasWic I started reading this Carlos guy because of @Krissy_Caster70 ... and, upon further inspection, he seems awfully familiar...


Kinda figured you would. Have a glorious week my friend.

Word of the day: passel.

First time I'd ever seen it, great word!

"A passel of journalists interviewed an irony of hipsters."


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