This is the most important thing that was said today.

"There is no evidence that the attacks came from Yemen."

Let's look at the map.

The drones or missiles came from Iran, Iraq, or Syria.

Obviously we tracked them.

This attack took out half of Saudi Arabia's oil-production capabilities.

The world oil reserves will make up for it, and the Saudis will repair the damage very quickly, but there has to be massive retaliation.

The Iranian mullahs are trying to goad the Saudis into a direct strike on Iran.

Now, as much as we want Iran o be free, I want you to remember Lebanon.

Hezbollah was HATED in Lebanon.


There was a famous Christian activist who did a 180 and went on TV, praising Hezbollah's courage.

The same thing would happen in Iran if the Saudis attacked. Trust me.


There's a saying in the Middle East:

"I against my brother; my brother and I against our cousin; my brother and my cousin and I against the world."

As much as Iranians hate the mullahs, they would turn on a dime and support them if the Saudis attacked.

That's just reality.

So the Saudis--I'm 99.99 percent sure--won't do anything overt.

The Lebanese STILL support Hezbollah. they know that their support is insane, but they won't stop.

The problem with Iran is the same one with Syria:

If you overthrow the dictators, the country falls into total chaos.

Libya is a perfect example. Samantha Power convinced the Very Special President to overthrow Gaddafi, and Libya has been a catastrophe since 2011.


The army overthrew the dictator, and when it looked like civil war was coming, they asked Trump for help.

ALL SIDES AGREED that the only answer was Trump.

So Trump sent an envoy, and now even the armed rebels are cooperating.

But the Sudanese themselves had to take the first step.

The Iranian mullahs tried to cause a civil war there by murdering about 120 soldiers and civilians.

But the civil war didn't happen.

Trump's envoy Donald Booth was able to help all sides resist the interference of the Iranians and their lackeys.

PERSONALLY, I'm absolutely sickened by the Lebanese closing ranks behind Hezbollah.

But my disgust doesn't change reality.

The Saudis have to tread carefully.

I'm sure they'll work out the best solution.

They've earned my faith in them.


@ThomasWic Very few people in the entire world understand these dynamics. So happy I found you on twatter. Im thinking the people getting the site info to Israel might have to up their game. Thank you again for sharing your insight with us. And thank you Trump, for had this happened just a few years ago, who knows what would be of the world.

@ThomasWic I put my faith on the Saudis to figure this one out. The irrationality of the region can't be helped, we just have to accept it and deal with it.

@ThomasWic the Saudis can't even protect their oil fields anymore. That shows weakness which is not good for anybody. I just hope we don't get dragged into this. It is also possible that the oil field attack was a inside job and it was blamed on rebels to save face.


Love learning how the ME works.

The *Very Special President* is my new favorite name for that POS.

Kinda reminds me (though now hopefully on a smaller scale since Trump) of the US black support for the Democrat party. The “...their support is insane, but they won’t stop”. So well stated. I’ve never been able to fully comprehend the abilities to brainwash [nor the successes of it].

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