This is an amazing video. It's almost impossible to finish because Jimmy Dore is so annoying, but it shows how crazy leftists have become.

They think Hillary lost because she was too CENTRIST.

As for Tulsi Gabbard, I can list her bad ideas.

She wants to pass legislation that would abolish money bail in the entire country.

That would make it impossible to keep ANY CRIMINAL IN JAIL.

The DC police chief resigned over this. She said they were arresting the same people ten times a day.

Gabbard also wants to go back to Obama's Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran.

The JCPOA is nothing. It isn't a treaty or an agreement. All it does is remove sanctions from Iran while not preventing anything.

In other words, it SPEEDS UP Iran's quest for nuclear weapons.

Gabbard supports draconian "climate" laws that would regulate every single aspect of our lives.

She supports universal health care, which would give us the Canadian or British model.

Under Gabbard, you damn well better never get sick or injured, because government health care is designed to kill you to save money.

In 2015, Gabbard pushed for the US to ally itself with Bashar al-Assad, and the tweeted THIS.


The Russians were not bombing jihadists. they were bombing SECULAR rebel groups.

Assad and Putin tried to implement the Algerian Strategy of allowing the enemy to become so dangerous that people had no choice but to support the unpopular government.

Gabbard is either too stupid to see that, or she's bought and paid for.

She also says that Saudi Arabia is supporting al-Qaeda.

This makes her unfit to be president.

In 2003, al-Qaeda launched an armed uprising in Saudi Arabia that came very close to succeeding.

Prior to 2003, the Saudis had three armed forces:

The military, the internal security, and the Saudi Arabian National Guard (SANG).

They did not cooperate.

The 2003 uprising FORCED them to cooperate, and then massive reforms were undertaken.

In 2006 the Saudis helped Israeli in her war against Hezbollah, and in 2007 the Israelis began selling weaponry to the Saudis.

Those weapons sales disguised the fact that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) began spending trillion of dollars to fund Israeli-designed weaponry.

During this period, the Saudi also raised nits of strategic commandos.

That was the Second Revolution in Military Affairs (2RMA).

It was a short interim period before the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA).

Technology and new tactics and strategies allow major conflicts to be fought clandestinely, and very small units can win wars.

The idea is NOT to invade and occupy. Instead, the Saudis wage war on MILITARY OBJECTS.

They disarm the enemy.

The new munitions are based on directed shock waves. They create almost no collateral damage.

The 3RMA was so successful that the US has adopted the approach.

The US Army set up the Multi Domain Task Force (MDTF).

The domains are land, sea, air, electronic, cyber, and psychological.

After a year of testing, the army has set up a second MDTF, and we're told that this will be the model for all combat units in all branches of service.

US Special Operations Command has designated ALL EXISTING EQUIPMENT "legacy systems" that will be replaced in the next five years.

The SAUDIS are the ones helping us modernize.

Tulsi Gabbard hates the Saudis and says they aren't our allies.

The Saudis are the best allies we've ever had.

I could go on all night about Gabbard, but the point is that leftists are now devouring each other in a frenzy of obtuseness.

That hapless New York Times reporter said that Trump won by "making his base go apeshit crazy."

The problem is that the BASE isn't enough to get someone elected.

Trump won because of blue-collar DEMOCRATS.

But we have both the establishment Democrats and the far-left Democrats unable to comprehend the reality of Trump's victory.

They see him as a rabid right winger, when in fact he's APOLITICAL.

I would argue that Trump's political beliefs are common sense, not ideological.

So we have the amazing spectacle of NOBODY ON THE ENTIRE LEFTIST POLITICAL CONTINUUM understanding how Trump won.

Democrats are trying to replicate Trump's victory by saying insane things, because THEY SEE COMMON SENSE AS INSANE.

Democrats can't see past Trump's persona. To them, he's an idiot who tweets.

My own rabidly leftist brother thinks that Trump gets political advice from Tucker Carlson.

Dave Chapelle thinks Trump is parroting others' ideas.

These people are morons. Trump has been saying the same things for 40 years.

But leftists have finally hit the wall and are completely divorced from reality.

Trump has MANIPULATED THEM into thinking he's an idiot.

And when you underestimate your opponent, you lose.

On the one hand, I'm thrilled that Trump's opponents are so dense.

But it's also depressing that so many of my fellow citizens are pathologically superficial.

It's why we were on a downward trend for so long.

Trump has said he'll be reelected, so I won't be jinxing anything by saying I agree.

After seeing how utterly clueless his opposition is, I don't feel any anxiety at all about 2020.

I trust Trump. He knows what to do to win.

And he WILL win. Yugely.


@ThomasWic Same feeling here. May God bless him and his administration.

@ThomasWic How you write threads that cut through the fog and present ideas with such clarity is beyond my comprehension. I feel good knowing that I have a much better understanding of whats going on than most others I meet. It can be baffling how others can't see it at times, but I would probably be much more confused if it wasn't for posts like these. This forum is truly a blessing.

@Nancy @ThomasWic
This thread reminded me of this tune. This is how I felt during the second term of Obama. Still got up and went to work every day but couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope that Trump will get us back on track- at least long enough for people to understand how much crap they are hearing from the left.

@TimToolMan Thanks for the Cohen, one of my favorites. I love his voice. My husband always says, what in the world are you listening to? I guess he's an acquired taste. @Nancy @ThomasWic

@DonnaLea @Nancy @ThomasWic
My wife doesn't care for him either, would rather listen to a heartbreak country tune. She thinks Cohen is depressing.
I've been divorced twice and married 3 times- country is depressing to me.

@TimToolMan Country music is depressing though I can tolerate some old stuff like Merle Haggard, Glen Campbell, Patsy Kline or Loretta Lynn. @Nancy @ThomasWic


When I was in HS, I used to say that the difference between Country Music and Rock was:

Country Music is about Adultery and getting Drunk;

Rock is about Fornication and getting Stoned.

@TimToolMan @Nancy @ThomasWic

@TimToolMan @Nancy @ThomasWic my concern is memories are short. The abusive partner is revered in hindsight.

Great thread! Lays out the facts of what has been going on. Leftist like Tulsi Gabbard appeal to feelings.

@ThomasWic I swear these morons think any idea, no matter how good it is, that doesn't come from the mouth of a Liberal or a Democrat is automatically bad or insane and that person is dubbed an idiot with out question


It WAS a letdown after midterms.
Americans were not paying attention. Russia lie in full force.

Trump said numerous times, “I wasn’t on the ticket.”

I just keep thinking of your comment after midterms. Are Americans too stupid to appreciate President Trump?

(No anxiety here -we still have 400+ days)


1) The mass shooter from Odessa claimed to be Buddhist. Buddhism is regarded as one of the most peaceful religions in the world.

Gabbard claims to be Hindu. Hindus pursue knowledge and understanding of the Truth.

I think both of them are posers! Especially since you think Gabbard may be bought.

One of them was extremely violent and murdered ppl. That goes against one of the core principles of Buddhism.

The other is spreading leftist propaganda, which also goes against a core principle of her claimed religion-Hinduism.

Both are killers at heart. One through the use of firearms. The other through her policy IF she ever became POTUS.

"These people are morons. Trump has been saying the same things for 40 years."


Democrats are too busy staring in their mirrors to see how Trump won, who Trump really is, and what the people really want.

They just don't care. They think they've got this.

Insane is right.

@ThomasWic idiot who tweets - and watches gorilla movies. Remember that one?

@haithabu @ThomasWic he watches that gorilla channel and tries to nuke hurricanes. God bless our mainstream media 😂


And The current spangly dangler: Sharpie President. 🤣🤣🤣

@haithabu @ThomasWic

@Seedsaver @CaptainMarble @ThomasWic

You mean the felonious Sharpie President, according to some.

Now that’s a molehill to die on.


Trump is fully *pragmatic* and It really should be the basis of new political party that rises from the ashes of the DNC and GOP.



Trump's politics are a new-old class based on the best of our historical commonly shared values.

To me Trump is a Rockwellian.

The best of what Americans once aspired to socially, with profound conservative underpinnings that make it all possible.

Optimistic, full of common humor, and decidedly ANTI-DYSTOPIAN.

Some of my leftist colleagues despise Norman Rockwell, like Mark Twain - forgetting they were both from the left.

Now they're just racist Pollyannas. Like Trump.


I'd say there's no need to argue President Trump is apolitical. It's obvious.

Idealism reminds me of the calabash monkey trap.

Fruit or a nut is placed inside a calabash, the monkey seizes it, making a fist, and cannot withdraw its hand through the narrow opening, even as its soon-to-be captors approach.

The idealist knows that he's going to get clobbered, but just CAN'T LET GO of the point.


Donald Trump has an ideology, what I term "national greatness." But it's hard to see because it's orthogonal to the traditional left-right axis we're used to.

@ThomasWic since common sense is so lacking these days they can’t comprehend it!! I run across this daily and can’t believe how bad it is!! It’s like a disease!!

@ThomasWic Trump isn't a Republican ,can't say that he's a Democrat, he's a business man that threw money to all comers , But he is definitely the bull in the china shop that I voted for and got, and I'm voting for him again in 2020!!

She is just appealing to feeling. She just smears the Saudis.


Wow, I'm blown away by this whole thread. Thank you Thomas! There is so much I didn't know about the world. So great to be learning.

Path of Blood is a great book to read on Al Qaeda waging war on the House of Saud. It really woke up the Saudis to the threat.

Gabbard is NOT even an eligible natural born Citizen Thomas. She was NATURALIZED by 8 USC 1401(e) after birth in American Samoa. Political parties are attempting to amend A2S1C5 by putting ineligible candidates on the ballot (making them "eligible"). McCain, Obama, Cruz, Rubio, Haley, Jindal, Harris Gabbard - ALL are NATURALIZED. In fact NEITHER finalist in 2008 was eligible. It's not an accident.

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