There's always a choice.

Giving in to your base desires is what defines you.

I saw an interview with an Iraqi Shia cleric. They asked him if he wanted alcohol and nightclubs banned in Iraq.

Here's what he said.

"No, because if you have no opportunity to sin, you aren't a moral person. The definition of morality is choosing to refrain from indulging in opportunities to sin."


I 100% agree it's still a choice. It's a truth more need to understand before anything can improve.

@ThomasWic @mariel
People that try to EXPUNGE every scintilla of "The Devil" end up living Secret Lives that then ERUPT in a Volcano of Embarrassment because the Devil is a NECESSARY Facet of your Body, Mind & DEAL with a Material World.
But your're supposed to learn to CONTROL that Facet so that it's called upon ONLY at the right time, right place & right reason.

I feel like I’m in deep shit, if that’s the case.
(Anyone know where there’s a hermitage for sale?) Nevertheless, ADHD and PTSD do more to keep me out of trouble, while offering plenty of opportunities to just dive in and fuck things up. But I’m also old, so far beyond my prime that I don’t even know what happened to the pump.

OK. All I’m saying is, if someone has ADHD and PTSD pushing them to make wrong decisions and they’re able to keep from going into rage, THAT making choice.

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Those who label words as violence do so with the sole purpose of justifying violence against words.