You know what I realized?

I've been watching combat videos from the Middle East for so long that I've become conditioned to always expect Arab firepower.

The truth is, Arab firepower is unique.

The Mexican cartel war sounds tame to my ears. I know that this is a misperception on my part, but I've been listening to THIS for almost ten years.

And there's something else:

In that video, a commando ran among the jihadists, throwing hand grenades.

I've never seen anybody do that before, but if you think about it, you can't up up with a better tactic.

Your own machine gunners make the enemy keep his head down, and you run in his midst, throwing hand grenades.

After you watch THEM, you need to watch super stock car drag racing.

They look like they're CRAWLING.

Total optical illusion.

Basically, I've been watching top fuel and funny-car drag racing in the Middle East, so when I see footage of Mexican cartel gunmen fighting it out, it looks...silly.

Mexico is a rabidly nationalistic country that can't admit to being wrong.

But if a company of Arab strategic commandos were let loose, they'd take care of all the problems in a matter of weeks.

Recently four cartel gunmen opened fire on one of our Border Patrol boats.

None of our people were hurt.

As I said before, Hezbollah's South American financier Jorge Rafaat Toumani was killed in Paraguay in a masterful ambush.

His armored SUV--which he was driving--was hit with about fifteen .50 caliber high-explosive incendiary armor-piercing (HEIAP) rounds.

All of hem hit Rafaat Toumani. He was a mess.

Look at the grouping.


He looks nice.

Meanwhile, that grouping...Something to shoot for at the range Tuesday.


The dead scapegoats had a Browning M2 on an ANTIAIRCRAFT MOUNT in the car.

No HEIAP in the car, and no ammo box in the tray.

Look how the mount was "secured" with ribbon.

The commando team got these guys to drive in the same place at the same time as Rafaat Toumani, and then the 20+ snipers mowed them ALL down.

The scapegoats were narco-terrorists themselves.


Unbelievable-and NONE of the commandos were hurt!

We just watched the Earnhardt family escaping from the plane crash. I told BF it's a good thing Arab commandos weren't after them.


I've read some amazing things.

Search our platform for General Tareq Abdullah Saleh to see the thread or two I wrote about his rescue.

Totally unbelievable.


Done and done.

You have shared many amazing things, thank you. I was one of the many who didn't understand Saudi Arabia at all-then I watched the Trump trip and found you on Twatter. Another totally cosmic person is the KSA foreign miinister, name escapes me. He looks 14 years old and is a very old soul.



Adel al-Jubair.

Former ambassador to the US and only the second foreign minister not from the House of Saud.

@athena12 @ThomasWic He went to school in various countries as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Germany and the USA. His college education was at the University of North Texas and then he received a master’s degree at Georgetown University. Just something I read....😂😊❤️🙏🏻❤️Actually, he’s very inspiring and well-spoken and I just love the guy!


This cat has a .50 cal HEIAP intellect. These interviewers are just lost, kind of like the South American narco terrorists v. the commandos.

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