The performance art never ends.

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

"When I say release flag, you say carrots."

"Release flag!"


"Release flag!"


"The whole world is watching! The whole world is-- Eek! I'm blind! Help me!"

"I love you, Kate, my fat midget! Calm down! Do it for the carrots!"

@ThomasWic 😂😂. You always find the best videos ever. This one had me splitting a gut. 🤣🤣

Freaking high school pep squad. Nothing more. What a bunch of losers. At least have a real message.

Whatever happened to construction guys in hard hats? They would unleash themselves into a crowd of those maggots and unleash whoopass of Old Testament proportions.
Then go chug back a baker's dozen of cold ones then wipe their mouth with the back of their forearm.
Ahhh, the good ol' days.

@Dogstar_K9 These people are pitiful. They should be productive members of society, and yet drugs and naive/brainwashed following of stronger personalities have render them inept. You can see from the beginning, they thought this was another pre-orgy party. Even Katie when pepper sprayed wanted someone to to touch her more than open her eyes.

Why go to the movies (I don't), this is much more entertaining. The whole "I say" and "you say" megaphone bit is delightfully amusing. Half wits one & all.

@ThomasWic - couple tons of steel and pepper spray work miracles in those situations... 😂


That's what they get for blocking a roadway.

If you aren't a pedestrian you run the risk of getting mowed down.

@ThomasWic Finally watched the video.

Kept hearing he 'plowed' through pedestrians. I had something gruesome pictured.

Now I want to finish their sentences - " Steamroller K-K-K-Ken in A Fish Called Wanda."


@ThomasWic NeverAgainAction is a group of self-loathing Jews who also fight for the destruction of Israel. I blocked their nonsense on Twitter.


"The whole world is watching?"

Yes, if by "the whole world" one means Absolutely Nobody.


I disagree Thomas. As proven, that was "Release the" and "Parrots" obviously, not carrots.

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