MORE performance art.

Tennessee sent my Döppelganger to the electric chair.


The guy thought he was the captain of a religious ship, making his final announcement over the tannoy.

"Now hear this. In the beginning, God created man. And Jesus wept. That is all."

Okay, I added the "Now hear this." the rest is real.

But the guy thought that being ELECTROCUTED was less painful than lethal injection.

I'd tell him to sue his lawyer for malpractice, but I don't know how to send messages to hell.

When they give you the lethal injection, you're UNCONSCIOUS when your heart stops.

When they sit you in Old Sparky and turn on the juice, you are WIDE AWAKE.

Electrocution kills by causing cardiac arrhythmia, which then causes cardiac arrest.

I had chronic irregular heartbeat until I began taking psychotropic medication.

When I was 16, I had a spasm of arrhythmia that caused cardiac arrest.

I died in my bed at night.

Cardiac arrest is PAINFUL.

I had time to think, "Oh crap!"

Any of you believe in near-death experiences (NDEs)?

I had a doozy.

Shot up off my bed, through the ceiling, and up into the sky, just a rocket.

Overhead was a black tunnel. I entered it and accelerated until I was speeding through entire universes.

When I got to my top speed, a Presence joined me. It wasn't human, but it was an entity of pure love.

A voice said, "Don't worry. Everything will be all right."

This Presence was infinitely powerful, and it knew everything about me.

I started to feel incredibly ashamed and dirty, but then that sense disappeared, because the Presence knew all my faults but didn't care.

Up ahead was a light.

We flew into the light, and I saw an incredible vista. It was everything that had been, everything that was, and everything that would be.

The only way I can describe it is that it was a little like a city built on a cliffside in the Mediterranean.

But it went to eternity in all directions: up, down, and to the sides.

It was like a city with no end. Everything was built on top of everything else.

It all clicked into place, and I understood the meaning of existence.

The next thing I knew, I smashed into my body. It was like a car crash.

My heart had started again.

I can't remember WHAT I understood; I remember only that for a moment, I understood.

For years I told myself that the experience wasn't real. But then I heard and read of almost identical experiences.

One man said, "The meaning of existence was downloaded into my head."

That's what it was like.

So I made it back, but let me tell you:

Dying of cardiac arrest is NOT fun.

This murderer in Tennessee got bad information.

Take the drugs. I've been put under general anesthesia several times.

When I had stomach polyps harvested, I woke up in the middle of the procedure.

I belched out a giant cloud of smoke that tasted like a Burger King Whopper.

So I said, "I can taste myself burning. Is that supposed to happen?"

The doctor swore, and then I was knocked out again.

So the takeaways are:

Don't murder anyone.

Don't make your last words into a bizarre ship captain's announcement.

Chose the drugs, not the electric chair.

If you're a good person, the other side will be pretty amazing.

And if you catch on fire, your smoke will taste like a Burger King Whopper. You'll be yummy!


@ThomasWic I had laser surgery on both of my big toes. The doc had a laser in one hand, vacuum for the smoke in another, but he could never get all of it, so I inevitably caught a whiff or two. BBQd toes don't smell good, I can say from experience.

@ThomasWic I've smelled my skin burning several times, as recently as 2 weeks ago. Fortunately not my guts yet.


We've all gotten a shock, even if it's just static electricity. It hurts like a mother! The drugs are the only way to go. I've been with my animals when we've had to put them down. First, they give them a drug that completely relaxes and completely sedates them. Then a little while later, they give them the drug that ends their life. They do not appear to feel a thing, not even a twitch, and they easily pass on through the next door. If I had to choose, that's the way I'd go.

@2020_DJT @ThomasWic
I have had to put several pets down like that. All but one was smooth. The1 was my cat. He got the sedatives but as soon as the lethals was introduced he went ape shit. The dr was all "Huh, THAT'S not supposed to happen." And the poor booger was flopping around in my arms. My wife was freaking out. That was not cool. And the vet charged us over $300 for that wonderful good bye.

@TommyDK @ThomasWic

I am so sorry. It's not enough that you are doing something that's breaking your heart in the first place, but then to go through that? Oh, dear Lord.

Someone at that vet's office had to have screwed up somehow, and they should have given YOU $300 for pain and suffering.

Again, I am incredibly sorry.

@TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic That is a HORRIBLE story. I am so sorry the two of you had to see that. It is very very hard to decide when your pet is so miserable that s/he needs to go. I can not imagine the horror you must have gone through.

@wziminer @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

Knowing when it's time to let your animal go is often the hard part. It is their nature to not show pain. A neighbor asked me why her old retriever always seemed to be cold because he shivered so often. She didn't know that shivering is a sign that an animal is in pain. She felt terrible that she had unknowingly let him suffer and had him put down that day. I don't fault her; she just didn't know.

@Tenquid @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic I did not know that either. Thank you for the information. Letting my pets go when they were ready were some of the most painful decisions of my life. They are family to me; family who love me unconditionally.

@wziminer @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

Me, too. As our pets age, it's good to research the effects of aging so we can accommodate them. Animals have always been part of my life. Until I retired, I worked in animal medical research at a major university. I have also bred, raised, trained and shown dogs professionally for over 30 years. Now that I'm retired, I have a small farm. We raise pigs, Highland cattle, chickens, and Leicester Longwool sheep.

@wziminer @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

I've had my share of ignorant BS from people who don't understand the value of animal research. They always suggested that we use prisoners as subjects, not animals. Psychopaths never see what's wrong with that idea.

@wziminer @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

My farm saved my life. I had uncontrolled type 2 diabetes and was 30 lbs overweight. I've lost almost 40 lbs and my blood sugar is normal with minimal medication. Hard work is good for us!

@Tenquid First of all, good for you! Proper nutrition and exercise is paramount for our health. And no doubt about it, Farming is all about hard work and exercise. You will live a lot happier and healthier. @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

@wziminer @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic
Thanks for the encouragement. I highly recommend animal care and gardening as healthy exercise. It's so enjoyable that it doesn't feel like an exercise regimen.

@Tenquid @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic Absolutely right. I live on a desert mountain where the streets are all climbs and drops, so walking my dogs is akin to hiking. Very aerobic. And I also have a personal trainer (who is my dear friend) who I work out with every day. I am in much better shape at 61 than I was in my thirties. Feels good.

@wziminer @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic
I have a personal trainer, too. His name is Quinn and he was 6 months old in this photo.

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@Tenquid @wziminer @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

Totally agree. I went from 250 to 170 with no additional “exercise” besides yard work. And yes, it’s never felt like exercise, rather, it’s more like my therapy.

@wziminer @TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

I had a 15 year-old dog who was terrified of the vet. I knew I couldn’t bring him into the vet to put him to sleep. I actually found a female vet who did house calls for just this thing. My daughter and son drove into my house and we gave him all the Beggin Strips he wanted. Then a sweet, nice lady came to visit and he died peacefully in our arms at home on the living room floor. Highly recommend this. A lot of people don’t know vets do this.

@PrairieRose @wziminer @TommyDK @ThomasWic

What an amazing send off. I'm so pleased you were able to do this for him, and for you.❤️

@2020_DJT @wziminer @TommyDK @ThomasWic

Thanks! And that sweet, wonderful vet came as an emergency on a Sunday in the pouring rain from an hour away! It cost me about twice what I would pay at the office but worth every dime. That woman was an angel 😇.

@PrairieRose @2020_DJT @TommyDK @ThomasWic It is so heartbreaking, but I am happy to know she was able to help you and let your puppy fall asleep at home, in your arms, surrounded by love.

@PrairieRose I went through the same process with my dog and later, my cat. It made it so much easier saying goodbye....

@TommyDK @2020_DJT @ThomasWic

Ouch, that's horrible!

I lost my cat on the operating room table. The poor vet called me nearly in tears. I had to console him! He didn't charge me for the failed operation at least.

I loved that cat; he was a feral kitten when my girls found him. He was so soft, like mink, and always smelled of perfume - I was the only one in the family who wasn't afraid of him, lol. He was fine if handled properly and always came when called. Panther like; I really miss him.

@TommyDK that happened to me as well, but only with one cat. It was indeed AWFUL. I cried out to the vet...” she didn’t want to go” . Vet replied that this happens when the animal is very ill. My cat was .

@ThomasWic Glad you choose to join us back here on earth Thomas!


My heart stopped in 2004 while doing 60 on Queen Creek Rd in Phoenix, AZ. Heart block, no electrical signal. No pain, just claustrophobic panic, fade to black.

Something wonderful happened, that's all I remember.

Coming back was a violent storm of re-combining particles.

"WHAT AM I?!" I screamed.

I didn't even know what 'what' was.

What I understood at my core, however, then and now, is calm fearlessness. The kind that comes ONLY from loving what is good, true, and right.

@StevenDouglas @ThomasWic you guys are making my eyes leak!
Thank you both for sharing your stories and I'm glad you came back for an encore.

@stephanieanne @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic

I've always known that when a person is given that NDE and comes back, their jobs aren't done here yet. There is something that they still have to accomplish here on earth. God - or whomever or whatever you call that greater being - has a bigger plan for you.

@2020_DJT @stephanieanne @StevenDouglas @ThomasWic
I feel that about SHDE (Should Have Died Experiences) as well. I have had many. Falling over cliffs. Wrong hook ups while repelling. Several vehicle accidents. Even a boating accident. Where not just me, but all witnesses agree I should have died. There is nothing quite like being saved by a juniper Bush that is not there.


What a great bedtime story. Thank you.

I’m still laughing (and will never eat a Burger King Whopper again.)


@Cassandra4 @ThomasWic you're laughing, I'm crying! Funny how a story can affect each other differently.
Love you all❤


"You'll be YUMMY."

For those, the other side will be that goddam Burger King Guy with that plastered smile!!!"


No, he doesn't look anything like you. Photo attached.
Glad you made it back to this side so we can read your works.


Oh my gosh. Your stories! Fabulous and riveting.

I need more adjectives! 👏👏

@ThomasWic So glad you’re still here through it all. The demons walk amongst us, but there is meaning and value to living as best you can and bringing good to the world. Mad and possessed individuals like this monster bring such needless suffering. Addendum: I don’t understand why the firing squad or guillotine went out of fashion. These “modern” methods of execution seem so convoluted and cruel. I’d want a quick “lights out” approach.

Thomas thank you so much for sharing this experience, hard and immensely beautifull. I have never really read any other such experience, so this is the first one, am so gratefull, that you share it here.

@ThomasWic I read your thread to my wife and daughter. They are smiling and laughing at the ending.

@ThomasWic I know the tunnel is real, it was shown to me. I have absolutely no doubt about it.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Glad you made it back!


Yes Thomas! When I had my experience I distinctly remember that for like one second I understood everything...and then it was gone! Intriguing! I just love to hear other people’s stories about this! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for relating your experience! Somehow, it gives me comfort.

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