Meet 25-year-old homeless man Dylan McTaggert, arrested for kicking a woman's dog on the beach at Port Hueneme, California.

He's a serial flasher of children, and after the assault on the dog, he assaulted multiple lifeguards.

At some point earlier in his life, he pulled out his own right eye and then put it back in the socket.

During his arraignment, he screamed and pounded the walls of the holding cell nonstop.

California! The Golden State!

@ThomasWic WTF?!!! Is it not clear to everybody, no matter your politics, that this man should never have been allowed on the street after pulling out his own eyeball!!

@ThomasWic Folks may think less of me for writing this, but if this lunatic gets out again, I want his next victim to be Nina. *as for attacking a dog, I would of put that f'er down.


I don't think less of you.

And I'll go further:

If he attacks Nina in my presence, I'll tell her to shut up and take it.

@ThomasWic 😆 🤣 That's as funny as your earlier comment, Cram it Frances. that had me rollin'!

@Baline @ThomasWic
😂...seriously, I'm going back(been sleeping)to check it out...I love that "Cram it Frances" I'm definitely going to borrow that one.. it's good and fitting...👏

@ThomasWic @Baline
Ok, then hands down lock him the fu<k up..I'm not about not protecting children.. EVER

It's unfathomable to me that this man, with his history, obviously mentally unstable, has been allowed to roam around freely anywhere.. wtaf.. the idea that people(including himself) /animals have to be hurt, traumatized or worse before this man is seen as dangerous needs to take up residency in the home of those who make this decision to ignore the obvious...harsh.. maybe, but I'm not a gambler..

Seriously mentally ill and should not be walking free. He’s a danger.

@ThomasWic If you have an eye PROSTHESIS, you can take it out and put it back in. The eye looking straight forward is the prosthetic eye. Some people are born with only one eye, or injury, infection, or cancer requires it to be removed.

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