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This guy is lying when he says that the hyoid bone is broken in only 6 to 10 percent of suicidal hangings.



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Every study shows that it's closer to 50 percent among ALL hangings, and it's even more than that among older males.


@ThomasWic I say this guy is way off. My research isn’t that good and I read 25% or better.

@ThomasWic I still can't picture how he hung himself from his bunk.I would think to hang hmself he'd have to keep his feet off the floor. It seems to me what he did was wind up strangling himself.

@SteveJacobson @ThomasWic Yes, either way the end result is asphyxiation which is the end result he wanted. I don't get the "murder" angle because a number of things would be present. First time around he supposedly had "marks" on his neck. Did he have marks this time? Were there ligature marks inconsistent with a bed sheet? What WAS the material available to him? None of these things are discussed so we don't know. I also think hanging is the wrong word. He probably FELL against the restraints.

@oystergirl @ThomasWic No opinions on your questions. I just think if he wound up strangling himself the damage to his throat would be the same as if a second party had strangled him.

@SteveJacobson @ThomasWic Nope. Strangled would have a different pressure point. If with hands the marks would appear for the fingers. If with a ligature/garrot it would be much tighter. The point of strangulation is to cut off air flow and effect the vagus nerve to cause heart arrest. I can't find the research on this but a retired LEO did a thread on it and posted it yesterday on twitter/ In other words. A good medical examiner can most likely tell the difference/

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