Nina is so within her own "yuppie bubble" that she refuses to face reality.


The problem isn't "poopy sidewalks."

The problem is the murderously dangerous mentally ill.

Nina just saw a video of a women fighting for her life, AND NINA IS CRITICIZING THE WOMAN FOR COMPLAINING.

There's no doubt: Leftism is a mental disorder.

The reality is that the only San Francisco can do is chase the homeless out of the city with firehoses.

It's illegal to hold them, and they REFUSE HOUSING OFFERED TO THEM.


The severely mentally ill refuse to follow rules.

All public housing has rules.

Therefore the severely mentally ill PREFER the great outdoors.

They LIKE crapping on the sidewalk, and they DEMAND MONEY so that they can buy drugs and sex.


Think about it:

Nina is telling a woman who survived an assault by a homeless man to SHUT UP.


Nina's tweet is not peak virtue signaling.

Two years ago, a homeless lunatic CHOPPED OFF THE FACE of a man who tried to help him.




Everyone should be forced to live under the system they support.

My city is now overrun with severely mentally ill homeless people.

Nina should know that if they attack me, they will instantly die.

I won't even say a word to them. I'll just open fire until they're quiet.

Nina can thank herself for me putting me in this position.

I'm not going to die for Nina's virtue signaling.

And I also won't feel bad about defending myself.


I know much more about mental illness than Nina.

Even the severely mentally ill know right from wrong.

They simply CHOOSE to commit their crimes, because they don't care about their victims.

Therefore, I don't care about THEM.

If they leave me alone, we're good. If they attack me, they're dead.

Blame yourself, Nina.


@ThomasWic @DuaneCates I've been asked to write an article about what virtue-signaling Progressive morons have done to San Francisco.

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic @DuaneCates

Oh boy. Can't wait for that one. Life-sucking Libs have ruined SF and that entire state

@Linnie @drawandstrike @ThomasWic @DuaneCates

My liberal pot smoking sister lives in SF, and loves it.
That's a mental condition, right there.

@whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

My city is now full of them. I get accosted almost every day.

They evaluate me, and I stare them down.

It's clear that they know I'll kill them if they try something.

@ThomasWic @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike @DuaneCates We have a mental case that wanders around our neighborhood. Apparently, he his known to police and has mental disorders. He likes to ring doorbells late at night & early in the morning. His name is Steven and he carries a metal rod. Lovely. Just lovely. I don't take walks anymore in my neighborhood now.

@whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

We have at least fifty of those here.

Now they walk up and down my street. So far none have come onto my property.

I went to a city council meeting. Four of the five members were morbidly obese, and as the staff read the minutes, these three phrases were repeated endlessly.

Working breakfast.

Working lunch.

Working dinner.

All they did was eat.


Send them this:

"Jaws offers a rich set of insights into the mechanics of cities: It’s a story about how chronic corruption, ineffective leadership, and inadequate planning can turn a hungry fish into a regional economic catastrophe."


@whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

@ThomasWic @whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @DuaneCates

There was an amazing picture I saw several years ago of a union rep being marched in handcuffs after being arrested for embezzlement. He was one of the fattest people I had ever seen. It was like looking at a walking piece of lard with a shirt and pants forced onto it.


Their eating that much on the job means that they are very comfortable with what they are (not) doing on the job. It's like they are eating the city they are supposed to be serving.

@whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

@ThomasWic @whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike
From 2020 to 2022 there will be a period where these Homeless Lunatics will start being killed by Citizens who've been pushed into a corner.
The Left will have SHOW TRIALS where the CITIZENS will be made into Cautionary Tales as a WARNING not to fight back.

As we Watch from sunny -Land.
THEN=By 2026=

@ThomasWic @BennettVarsho @oystergirl @DuaneCates @whernandez @Linnie @drawandstrike

Ol' Barnie's back, running on his platform till his campaign coffers are filled.

Then he'll quit, blame everybody else, take the money, and go home.

Just like last time.

@ThomasWic @whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike @DuaneCates

Thomas, it is discouraging that you have to live that way. I pray that no harm will come to you. Still smarting from people hating on the woman attacked by a homeless psychopath trying to
murder her! 😡 😡

@ThomasWic @Beemer4Trump @whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike
A True Soul.
Lose the Best Way You Can.

This is my favorite Scene in WYATT EARP
Not the Gunfight or all of Wyatt's other exploits.
When his Father appears & tells him the unvarnished FACTS OF LIFE.
Life IS Loss.
But Good People don't use it as an excuse to destroy themselves
Is California coming into Focus?

@ThomasWic @whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike @DuaneCates A few years ago I was working in Houston for a week. The office is right downtown in the middle of all the high rises. A fairly well dressed man hit me up for cash in a crosswalk- had a new job, needed bus fare or he would lose the opportunity. I gave him $5. Two days later the same well dressed guy hit me up again. I called him by name and asked how the new job was. He turned and left at speed without saying a word.

@ThomasWic @whernandez @Cdubois @Linnie @drawandstrike @DuaneCates I'm a generous person. Family members get in a bind I'll help them out. Food for the poor and other charities get money from me occasionally.
These street scammers have made me heartless though. One legged vet on the corners- too bad. Recently had a guy selling cleaning stuff in my neighborhood. I told him no - he asked for a drink of water- no get out of here. He left muttering under his breath. Too bad.


Oh my. Thinking Thanksgiving isn't all that fun.

Got a Dem Mother-in-law and Brother-in-law. Hard fast rule of zero politics. They are ridiculous

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic @DuaneCates Brian, I see that you have been invited to write for Quillette! Congratulations. That's very impressive. You are still one of the only threaders I will read on the twatter.

@wziminer @drawandstrike @ThomasWic @DuaneCates i agree Wzi! Our dear Brian is awesome. Congrats on the new gig at Quillette!

@drawandstrike @DuaneCates


The video and the tweet--probably with the name redacted--illustrate perfectly what you'll write about.

Imagine telling a victim of a violent assault to STOP COMPLAINING.

It's like a dystopian horror movie.

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates
Yes this is true...
"Even the severely mentally ill know right from wrong."

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates Ought to be a law. The weeping, virtue-signaling Nina's of the world should be in uniform with targets printed on the back.


We can only hope the Nina’s of the world will be the victims. Otherwise nothing is going to change.

@Tatonka @ThomasWic There are many many more like her who, even when they become victims - make excuses for their attackers because they feel there is good in everyone,etc - they are detached from reality. You can’t fix many of them, even if they become victims themselves.

@Reaper @Tatonka @ThomasWic This is true, Reaper. For instance, many of the victims of the shooter in El Paso are screaming about taking guns and are saying NOTHING about the mental illness of the shooter. They want to take away the guns of law abiding citizens and make sure that only criminals can get them. It's the stupidest logic in the world. My NJ family is so angry at me for disagreeing with them.

@wziminer @Tatonka @ThomasWic when common sense goes against groupthink those who think and process normally (common sense) become outcasts. On that particular subject, the talking heads squaking gun control know exactly why they are doing it - and it’s not to prevent any of these sensationlized MSM events.

@Reaper @Tatonka @ThomasWic When I was up in small town Cloudcroft NM last weekend, there was a gun shop on every corner. It was marvelous. NO ONE would have started shit there. They would have been taken out by half the town.


My family were all farmers from the midwest and I grew up on one there and in CO throughout my childhood. Everyone helped and policed one another.

I now live in Southern California surrounded by people that think food comes from Ralphs and guns are only for police/govt.

They'll get it when the power grid goes down or we ever get the big one. They won't last 10 days.

Good luck ever getting my guns.

@Reaper @ThomasWic

@Tatonka @wziminer @Reaper @ThomasWic - hope you can get back to the heartland some day. it's good for the soul...

Overflowing with all the stuff you can steal!!
Darn those Cops!!


@ThomasWic @DuaneCates I would hardly feel sympathy for her sorry ass if she became a victim herself . Her response is MIND BLOWING !

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates

No one should feel guilty defending themselves, family or any one in need of help!

Our 2nd amendment is in our Constitution specifically for that purpose. Carry, train & practice for that moment when YOU might be the one to make a difference.

Why are Dems trying to overrun our cities with unvetted, illegal trespassers? Why won’t they close the border?

Those questions must be addressed so Americans wake up & see the truth.

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