Thanks for this one.
VERY helpful. With luck, some of the minds will open

Did they ask you if you always take your medicine? Why should they believe you?


They looked at the number of pills per prescription, noted the date, calculated how many pills would be left if I were taking the medication regularly, and saw that their calculation matched the number of pills left in the bottle.

They didn't ASK ME if I was taking my medication, as I clearly said in the video.

They TOLD ME, "I see that you're taking your medication regularly."

Gotta work on your ability to listen.

Granted. The reason that they were there, and that they were sent there by a person that didn't even know you & by Twitter harassers, gives me pause. You apparently got competent officers, but that may not always be the case, and once these laws are in place who knows how they will be expanded. One anecdotal case doesn't move me, and I'm not worried about mass gun confiscation. That is a straw man. I think Trump's comment to Cuomo today means he doesn't believe in RFGL either. You?

I love what you do sir. Can't agree on everything I guess.


Excellent video.

Red flag laws give bureaucrats and unelected officials discretionary decision-making power.

As your video reveals, a leftist state can - and will - use these laws, to harrass or punish citizens, who do not conform with their ideology.

With technology, they can also collect and then harvest personal information to target citizens in other areas, also (eg insurance).



I don't think you saw my video.

Despite harassment from the state, my guns WERE NOT TAKEN.

The same state that harasses me also subjected me to a red-flag evaluation, and NOTHING HAPPENED.

That was the point I was making.

A Sacramento bureaucrat was unable to corrupt the process to the extent that law enforcement did the bidding of the state.

I'm pretty sure that I made that clear, but maybe not clear enough.

Thomas read your piece...thank you for being so open. I greatly admire your openness and integrity!

@ThomasWic @REX
My concern is that red flags laws possibly being perverted to facilitate gun grabbing. Of course they would not be red flag laws then.

I understand roughly what the purpose of red flag laws and disregard the "gun rights" shrieking over it.

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic @REX Isn't it interesting that ”Dems can use this for confiscation!” argument for both red flag laws and the national emergency declaration?

I'm not accusing you @redwhitebluedude of this. It's just something I've been thinking of and your toot triggered my thoughts. lol

Anyway, it just seems like a talking point to me. 🤔 Makes you wonder about whether it's sincere.

@umad80 @redwhitebluedude @REX

Why would California take off the voter rolls but NOT take my guns?

Could it be that taking a person's guns is a hell of a lot harder than most people know?


@ThomasWic @redwhitebluedude @REX Maybe.

It's just hard to say. 🤔

We might have to sit awhile and puzzle this one out.

@ThomasWic @umad80 @redwhitebluedude @REX
That's a Legal Action that requires justification that could withstand SCRUTINY in court.

But try telling that to the panic mongers....

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @umad80 @redwhitebluedude @REX I don't see it as panic mongering. Who ever would have thought our federal agencies, such as IRS, would ever target conservatives?

@Penn4421 @DuaneCates @ThomasWic @umad80 @redwhitebluedude @REX

Shit! That ain’t nothing compared to DEMS/FBI/DOJ/CIA/etc. plotting a coup against President Trump.

@ThomasWic @umad80 @redwhitebluedude @REX Once they open the door to taking the guns, they are obligated to answer every red flag...just checking it out, like they did with you is time consuming for them. Would eat up gobs of their time. They are messing with the 2nd Amendment...very touchy. Proof for taking this action would be absolutely required. Not an easy process.

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic @REX im glad your story had a happy ending but the bigger picture is that a leftist activist with a grudge was able to send govt agents over to investigate you with just one wild bs claim. no thank you

@watch4thedrop @redwhitebluedude @REX


The cops showed me what they had.

Milano's people gave them a DOSSIER.

They HAD to investigate, based on what they were given and the claims made.

The REAL big picture is that my guns weren't taken.

And mail carriers are "government agents."

I don't know how old you are, but I've been through this "jack-booted thugs" shit four times now. 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s.

You wouldn't cooperate with the cops, would you?


People who are freaking out about red flag laws are afraid of the them being abused by corrupt officials,
Yet everyone forgets that the way to prevent abuse is to get rid of those corrupt officials!

They're so caught up in hysterics over guns that they ignore the real problems.

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