'Epstein's conspirators cannot rest', says A G Barr.

Ho-hum. More speeches, promises, press conferences, etc are fine, but ACTIONS matter most.

Perceptions also matter. A G Barr, but in particular the DOJ, look incompetent and weak as a result of the failure to indict Comey - and now Epstein's death.

Talk is cheap. The Average Joe just sees criminals walking around free. A G Barr must come out firing on all fronts, esp SpyGate, if he's to restore public confidence.



Barr is now INCOMPETENT and WEAK?


It's a bit of SHIFT, based on his record, but let's do it!

Actually, we should demand his resignation, shouldn't we?

I don't want an incompetent and weak attorney general.

Do you?


No, he's NOT.

That's the perception created, though.

That's my point. It's a gamechanger.

You can see how furious Barr is. He's rattled. He's taken this personally.

My point is that this was a totally unexpected event. And I think Barr will now come out swinging. Gloves off.



Not a single person will be thinking about Epstein on election day, much less a month from now.

People know that inmates commit suicide.

There are no game changers when it comes to Trump.

No matter what he does, we hear, "NOT GOOD ENOUGH."

So he's right to ignore the peanut gallery and trust only himself.

That's how he always wins.

@ThomasWic @REX I honestly believe he should be named Teflon Don. Nothing sticks. The Dems pull out every single trick
and it just doesn't work.

You can't guilt a guy into following the made up rules you don't even follow, and just use to manipulate Republicans, when he doesn't care about the made up rulebook.

He's beholden to no one who can force him to care about their petty games.

@ElectricSpoon @ThomasWic @REX Add to that, every single thing the MSM/Dems have thrown at him has made Trump stronger. The left smears, innuendo and outright lies are like spinach. Tasteless in large amounts, however....

@ThomasWic @REX I hear too much of that from the so called "supporters" if they don't see it done in front of them in less than too 2 seconds than, in a pompous know -it-all tone, yawn nothing is being. These people are just as stupid and spoiled as liberals

@ThomasWic @REX
Don't know about you but I am feeling spent with outrages, conspiracies and so forth. I'll just wait and see.

Just wait to see what unravels.

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