Andrew C. McCarthy is a former federal prosecutor and though I don't think he's always right, I respect his opinion based on his experience and knowledge.

Epstein’s Apparent Suicide Renews Questions about His Prosecution

Should he have been in federal custody in the first place?



He's aTrump hater.

Everything he says is colored by that.

He also admits that Epstein was in custody because he had a history of intimidating witnesses.

And he says that the lawyers didn't ask for dismissal of the charges.

There's no mystery here.

These National Review bastards are as bad as Elizabeth Warren.

@ThomasWic @Jackie

I used to read the National Review until Trump ran for Presidency... Then they showed their true colors...

@ilumanous @ThomasWic @Jackie

I listen to them. They are actually pretty good at articulating failed strategy. They also read the Democrats well, since they basically are Democrats.

I learn something from it. Also VDH lifts their boat more than they deserve.

@ThomasWic @Jackie

It's more than that. It's like Andy McCarthy cannot conceive that the establishment did wrong. So he talks and exonerates them until he can't anymore.

Then he grudgingly admits that something possibly untoward happened, and then he goes right back to defending them.

He doesn't seem slimy. He juat seems like this egghead Mr. Magoo who is oblivious to the chicanery that is going on all around him.

It's annoying, but I keep listening to him.

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