Prisoners and conspiracy theories.

Rudolf Hess was one of the first Nazis.

Hitler decreed him third in line of succession, after Hermann Göring.

Hess was always a bit of a nutcase.

On May 10, 1941, he made a solo flight to Scotland, bailing out of his aircraft and landing on a farm.

He said he was there to discuss peace with the British.

They arrested him on the spot.

Hess was tried at Nuremberg with the rest of the Nazis.

He was disruptive and seemingly insane.

He leaned forward to slap people on the head and had to be restrained.

On October 1, 1946, Hess was sentenced to life in prison for crimes against peace (planning and preparing a war of aggression), and conspiracy to commit war crimes.

He was sent to Spandau Prison and guarded by British, French, American, and Soviet soldiers.

By 1966, Hess was the only prisoner in Spandau.

Hess remained in Spandau until August 17, 1987, when he hanged himself at the age of 93.

A garden house was built for him.

That's where he hanged himself, leaving a suicide note.

He used an electric lamp cord tied to the window frame.

Immediately millions of conspiracy theories sprang up.

For example, the British had killed him to keep him from revealing British war crimes.

For some reason he DIDN'T reveal British war crimes for 41 years, but never mind.

People also said that Hess had escaped, and the Allies had kept an innocent doppelgänger in prison for 41 years.

He must've been a hell of an actor, since Hess's own children were fooled.

But the conspiracy theories continue.

Imagine a 93-year-old man hanging himself.

He couldn't just WAIT?

But he DID hang himself, after 41 years in prison.

By all accounts Hess was cheerful and optimistic. He was so physically enfeebled that he no longer needed supervision.

He watched movies, read, wrote letters, and spoke to guests.

And one day he hobbled out to his garden library and hanged himself.


I've learned that we can never really know others.

They show us what they want us to see.

Trusting people is a leap of faith. I don't mind taking that leap, because I always expect the worst.

Sounds bad, but it actually isn't. I'm prepared for anything.

The best we can do is make educated guesses about people. I expect the worst, BUT I'm not suspicious, if that makes any sense.

Nobody knows what was going on in Epstein's head.

It's really pointless to speculate.

As I said before, I'd bet any amount of money that he killed himself.

Both my parents committed suicide. I had no inking that they were going to do it. It was an incredible shock, since they died eight months apart.

My mother experienced what my father put us through, and then she replicated it exactly.

My parents showed me only what they wanted me to see. In many real ways, I didn't know them at all.

Nobody did, in fact.

All the signs point to Epstein having committed suicide.

If the investigations prove otherwise, I'll admit that I was wrong.



I wish I was back in high school With you, Thomas, as one of my teachers!

Great thread!

@Erin @ThomasWic me too! After my kids are in bed I head to social quodverum for my lessons in politics, history, and common sense. Professor Wictor is my favorite! ☺️❤️☺️


We did couples counseling twice during the marriage. The second round was at the end, after things had exploded.
In one session I had with the therapist, she said she observed that my husband only told the truth when he got angry.
The anger caused the mask to drop and he spewed truth everywhere.
She said, "I'm going to make him angry every chance I get. Because he loses control of his persona and we learn what's really going on."
She was right.


When I was in high school, I studied Buddhism. It seemed pretty damn coldhearted.

All these years later, I'm a Buddhist in all but name. I love being alive, but I'm ready to go at any time.

I love the planet, but I'm not connected to it anymore.

And I no longer expect people to live up to my standards. I don't actually have high standards.

But it turns out that I can't abide fraudulence and a refusal to STOP.

I stopped TERRIBLE behavior. I expect others to do the same.

@ThomasWic @Cdubois The best gift I gave to myself and others was to stop getting angry. To just stop, to wait, say nothing, take in the sights, smells, sounds of that moment to calm myself and then remember to love. It might sound corny, but it has changed my peace of mind and my personal relationships. Much of my anger would come from a feeling of a lack of control over the behavior of others, but self-control is better. I'm not talking about righteous anger, which has a place, but home life.


I agree.
At one point during my divorce proceedings, when it hit a really rocky place, I asked my attorney what I should do.

"Go home. Plant flowers." I looked at her. "I'm serious," she said.
So, I did.
Now, every time I feel a lack or loss of 'control,' I think of planting flowers.
It's my sign to the world that I am not controlled by outside forces, and that I have hope for the future.



I am with you, Thomas, on Buddhism.

2 years ago, I went on a 10 day Vippasanna retreat. I called it "Buddha Camp".

It was a very worthwhile experience.

I am retired, now and practice Qigong and Vippasanna when I get the chance.

I also read a lot!


@ThomasWic @Cdubois

One of my very best friends is a 88 year old Japanese woman named Setsuko. Both of our mothers were Catholic. She practices Buddhism and I practice trying not to be religious. Ha!

She is from Sasebo and could see flames coming from the ground for three days after Nagasaki was bombed. Boy does she have some stories to tell.

She is such an amazing person.

It is interesting that we both have so many similar beliefs but come from such different backgrounds.

I love her.

@ilumanous @ThomasWic @Cdubois Side note - my wife can eat snow crab like nobody else I know. I took her to a buffet in Disney a few years ago and I thought they were going to kick us out. She filled 4 plates with shells piled high.

@ilumanous @ThomasWic @Cdubois She has always been able to eat like that and be slim. A couple of years ago she started going through "the change " - has to watch what she eats now and is not happy about it.

@TimToolMan @ThomasWic @Cdubois

Sounds like my husband, but he can still eat whatever he wants and be thin.

So irritating.

@ThomasWic Thomas, your personal perspective - the way you incorporate it into threads - is one of you special gifts. I appreciate you very much. Thank you.

Here I am suffering from conspiracy theory fatigue. 😒

If there is one thing that this did to me is be more discriminating on what to believe.

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic

Better to be patiently grounded in critical thinking, than be a knee jerk ignoramus. 👍

Excellent thread Thomas.. I'll take commonsense and facts over the need for drama any day..

@ThomasWic On the topic of Hess, I'm actually surprised that he climbed so high in the Nazi party since he was recruited out of the Thule Society, a legit occult group. The writing should be on the wall for someone who is part of a group that worships demons and thinks witchcraft is real, even if they are anti-semites and German nationalists.


I think his death was a giant "f*** you" to every one. He went from having the rich and powerful at his feet, to a jail cell. That's a long fall.


Trust is earned.

"To be trusted is a better complement than to be loved"

George McDonald


I do the exact same thing Thomas. Expect the worst. Prepare for it the best I can. Then, should less than the worst happen, I get to feel fortunate.


You can know others when the shit hits the fan because that is when people's true character emerges. You can also see this when people take actions when they think no one else is looking.

The people that stick with you, especially if the shit only applies to you, are the ones you can trust for a lifetime.

Trump learned this when he was in deep financial trouble, and the people who came through for him surprised him.

Everybody else is an educated guess until proven otherwise.

@ThomasWic for me everyone starts out at the bottom. That way they have nowhere to go but up.

@ThomasWic Every Jail and Detention Center will have an inmate attempt suicide, some exceed while other don't, it's not shocking Epstein committed suicide, someone who has lived a lifestyle like epstein has lived, once they get put in a jail cell, it literally shocks their whole system, physically, mentally, emotionally.

@ThomasWic 2) Their freedoms taken away in an instant which is hard enough for anyone, and some people like Epstein can't handle being left alone with their thoughts, The Reality of what they have done slowly seeps in and then they are left with their thoughts uninterrupted to play out every way imaginable, and some would rather be dead than face it, let alone face it in front of the world.

Love all, Trust few, Always paddle your own canoe - Nigerian Proverb.

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