If "elite pedophiles rule the world," HOW WAS EPSTEIN ARRESTED?

He was arrested more than a month ago.

The evidence of his crimes was vacuumed up from all his properties.

There was absolutely no way that he was going to get a deal. He molested thousands of underage girls.

The country is still shocked by the FIRST deal, which allowed him to GO HOME on the weekends.

Trump is cracking down on child trafficking like no president in history.

Elite pedophiles rule the world?


I'd bet any amount of money that Epstein was not murdered. He was clearly insane.

When he realized that his billions could not save him this time, he took the fast way out.

American prisons are a disaster.

In California, the prison guards are a gang. They have their own gang signs and tattoos.

They've been in gun battles with non-gang deputies.

Ever seen a documentary about American prisons?

There's basically no control. Inmates have cell phones and weapons, and they communicate secretly with each other.

Our prisons COULD be improved, but the prison-guard union decides who gets elected.

One of my cousins was a prison guard. He weighed LITERALLY 400 pounds.

As a guard, he was useless.

Prisoners lift weights all day. When they go nuts, it happens in the blink of an eye.

Long-term inmates are broken machines. It's not possible for guards to supervise them effectively.

The solution is to rotate guards to different prisons.

Guards get complacent, or they get bribed, or they get Stockholm Syndrome.

If we rotated our guards regularly, they would see each case with a fresh eye, and they wouldn't become buddies with the inmates.

AGAIN, Hermann Göring committed suicide the night before his execution.

He took cyanide on October 15, 1946.

Here he is after his surrender to the Americans.

There were no blind spots in Göring's cell, and guards stood at the door peering in 24 hours a day.

Göring was required to sleep with his hands visible. If his hand went under the covers, guards charged into the room and woke him up.

He STILL managed to commit suicide, and it was never determined how.

An American had to have given him the cyanide, but nobody knows who.

Göring took the cyanide as the guard blinked or looked away or rubbed his eyes.


Epstein killed himself.

Prison inmates have killed themselves by running at the cement wall and fracturing their skull.

They've swallowed articles of clothing and strangled. They've drowned themselves in the toilet.

The thing to remember is that Epstein no longer mattered in the investigation.

There was nothing he could tell the authorities that would reduce his sentence.

He had no motivation to talk.

Also, what could Epstein offer besides names?

You need EVIDENCE, not just names.

The investigators have all the evidence.

The state of New York, the FBI, and the Inspector General will investigate Epstein's death.

If it's homicide, they'll see it immediately.

And if it's homicide, they'll find the murderer immediately.

Cernovich is an idiot. He's embarrassing.


Cernovich is an embarrassing idiot. Actually I didn't even know he was still around. IMO he's in the same class as Ann Coulter.

@captwfcall @skhillx3 @ThomasWic - probably has something to do with all that "legal" pot he smokes.

@skhillx3 @ThomasWic

Ann Coulter, the one who has made straddling the fence an Olympic sport. 🤨

@Beemer4Trump @skhillx3 @ThomasWic

I used to say, Bush could win the gold in free-style waffling and fence straddling. 😂👍🇺🇸


He was charming, affable, and a member of the dynasty.
I liked him back then. Knowing what I know now, it's pretty mindblowing.

@skhillx3 @ThomasWic

@Cdubois @skhillx3 @ThomasWic

When those masks come off,
it is a shock to the system. I liked him during his first term. Had soured on him and the Bush
Dynasty before his second term.

@skhillx3 @ThomasWic I’ve only been on Twitter for about 3 years. Cernovich was one of my first follows and then one of my first unfollows. Not a fan.

agreed (after my hysterics this morning, boy did Brian laugh at me)
Anyone remember why The Mob rubbed out Dutch Schultz?

@ThomasWic good thread. Great sources and explanation. All is well☺


Exactly. And now he can't raise objections to anything. It's all coming out.

@Tatonka @ThomasWic

Oh Lord, Now I have to go wash my eyes out with soap. Gross...

@Tatonka @ThomasWic
The idiot is also trying to pass himself off as the guy who took down Epstein.


I must have fallen asleep too early. Would have loved to witness that interaction live 😂


@ThomasWic my guess is different from others. People are either looking at this as suicide or bad people got to him. Bad people tried getting to him during the blackout in Manhattan not long ago and he was found semi conscious with wounds to his neck and in the fetal position. Word is he hung himself but no evidence has been brought forth to corroborate it. I've also heard it was a heart attack and there's plenty of toxins that could he used to mimic heart attacks.

@ThomasWic my guess is that since they got to him once already they knew he was not safe in the Manhattan facility and they needed to do something about it. There are a lot of very powerful elites who not only want this guy dead but they need him dead. However, if one needs to move someone to provide better protection but there's a lot of elites, who combined have almost unlimited resources, what better way to move them than to put out the story that the person is dead? Take a look at El Chapo.

@ThomasWic Once he was convicted they made him disappear off the radar until he showed up at the supermax prison in Colorado. They would need a better cover for Epstein though because the people who need him dead are much more powerful. The good guys needed breathing room and this is the only way to get some. Just speculation but there's too much stinky fishiness about this whole "suicide" thing and the stories have no meat and are very sloppily put together.

@That_Man_Tyrrel @ThomasWic A

Aaaaaaand, up pops the ubiquitous "they."

That every present, all powerful, undefeatable "they."

Such tripe is crowding out even remnants of sanity on Twitter, and it is inevitable they "they" ooze onto QV.

@ThomasWic My ex was a corrections officer. An inmate once set himself on fire. If there's a will, there's a way.


Cernovich has a superior sense of self, which makes me immediately tune him out.

@ThomasWic A guy living the life style like Epstein could never handle prison life and he knew it, he also knew he couldn't get deal this time! I wouldn't be surprised if Epstein used some of his billions to pay his Attorneys or someone to bring him some kind of cyanide pills or something in case the hanging didn't work out.

@ThomasWic Cernovich posted on twitter once and said "Ask me anything" so I asked him, "Why are you so insecure?"... He Blocked me! Cernovich is an idiot. He sets himself up to be embarrassing.

Everything Thomas says is true. There a thousand ways to kill yourself in prison or mental hospital. When you're a prisoner there are 24 hours a day for you sit and think about it. Every time you are taught a way to prevent a suicide, someone thinks up a new way to do it. Every time you remove something that could be made into a weapon, something new was created as a weapon. People are super resourceful.

@ThomasWic I had no idea all of these things happened in our prisons. Epstein has gone straight to hell, and even hell is too good for him. Wonder if the Clintons are packing to leave the USA and go live with the Komrades....

@Beemer4Trump @ThomasWic

Epstein was so evil even Satan wasn't sure he wanted his soul.

@Beemer4Trump @ThomasWic

They won’t run; their twisted arrogance won’t allow it. Their fluff eres and enablers will hang on ,giving the Caligula the oxygen to continue..


Epstein felt that nothing could happen to him.

Imagine how much MORE invulnerable the Clintons feel.

Trump is a stoat.

The stoat does acrobatics in order to mesmerize its prey. The prey watches the clown show without realizing that the stoat is getting closer.

And closer.

No gore in this video. Just acrobatics.


@ThomasWic It IS mesmerizing!
The stoat reminds me of an otter.
A very acrobatic otter! 😊



I never heard of a stoat before.

Can you imagine Stoat Kung Fu Style?

Way funnier to watch than Drunken Monkey.


@ThomasWic @Beemer4Trump
I remember when you posted this one in your Twitter life. Thought it was a great metaphor for how Trump works. Still is. Thanks for posting it here.

@ThomasWic @Beemer4Trump LOL when the "pretend prey" becomes the predator! LOVE It! But so now we know his Hyoid bone was shattered. Does this change anything? Generally in a drop and fall this doesn't happen unless the person is very old and the bones are brittle. Thoughts?

@ThomasWic @Beemer4Trump Thomas the Teacher has again taught me something I didn't know. Ashamedly, I have never even heard of a creature called a stoat.

@ThomasWic I guess after all is said and done he’s dead. In a toot I believe around Epstein’s first incident, you said something to the effect. Jail is a bad place, bad things happen. Don’t go to jail.I agree.


I've known a few ex-convicts who reformed. All were former gangbangers.

This guy has great videos.

Great and utterly horrifying.


@ThomasWic Wise warnings. First time hearing of him.From the horses mouth. Kudos to him for turning his life around and doing his thing. Thank you.

@ThomasWic @Jaime

Wow... I am going to remember that information just in case I ever get put in prison.

Will they allow you to pick up some baby oil on the way there?

Because I am going to be wanting some baby oil, for sure...

@oystergirl @ThomasWic @Jaime

I am not going to be wanting something to make sex easier, I just want something to make slipping away from their grasp a lot easier.

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