On the Epstein stratum of society.

I spent years trying to make a name for myself in multiple fields.

The reason I failed universally is threefold:

One and two are no personal connections and no money.

If you have no personal connections and no money, almost nobody will help you.

But number three is the most important.

"What's in it for me?"

Of all the people I interviewed in ten years, only ONE ever returned the favor.

None of the others even responded.

As soon as you walk out of the room, you cease to exist.

That's something that most people can't comprehend.

The "elite" all makes demands on each other.

When you have something to offer--such as Lolita Island--the doors are opened for you.

The elite have no allegiances. They interact with each other based almost entirely on what each can do for the other.

This is what makes Trump almost unique.

Long before he was a billionaire, he was thinking about how he could become president and fix the country.

He realized that by PRETENDING to be one of the "What's in it for me?" crowd, he would gain entree.

You know what happens when corrupt people get drunk and let down their hair?

They confess.

Trump knows EVERYTHING.

At this point, I can't tell you what's true and what isn't when it comes to Trump's allegedly riotous personal life.

It's now clear that the Trump empire was a disguise.

Trump's ACTUAL goal--as he said in 1980--was to be the one man who could fix the country.

Along the way, Trump realized that he could fix the world.

I thought that Trump was a man with personal flaws but who could be trusted to do us right.

But I've had to revise that opinion.

I think it's entirely possible that even the alleged flaws were a disguise.

Trump confessed to infidelities, but I no loner know if those infidelities were real.

The further back I go, the more I see that Trump was the same man he is today.

Obviously Trump said, "What's in it for me?" AS PART OF HIS DISGUISE.

But I'm now convinced that he spent almost fifty years planning his presidency.

In other words, he gamed out EVERYTHING.

Anyone who studies martial arts will tell you that conservation of energy is very important.

There's no need to pick up your opponent, raise him over your head, and slam him to the cement.

Just tap his nose or ribs.

Trump said that in 2016, he ran with the intention of winning the electoral college, not the popular vote.

If he wanted to win the popular vote, he would've run a different campaign.

Jared Kushner worked out how to maximize each dollar in terms of winning ELECTORAL votes.

The press and the Democrats were irrelevant.

And this is what people don't know about Trump.

It's HIS world. We only live in it.


Trump will eventually be seen as the most significant human in SECULAR history.

We're not talking about religious figures.

The reason Trump will be seen this way is that he devoted his powers to GOOD, not evil.

And for that we owe him a debt that we'll never be able to pay off.



"Anyone who studies martial arts will tell you that conservation of energy is very important."

I knew an artist once who was portly, though he was on the mat teaching every day, all day, efficiently.

He took up jogging to lose weight because it was outside his wheelhouse. It worked.

Thanks for inspiring that memory. I miss that guy.


Pres. Trump devoted himself to a country whose people couldn’t protect it, but dearly wished to.

@ThomasWic Imagine 34 yrs old with such vision. He’s remarkable.( side note, He’s right about the Elvis Presley look too 💕


POTUS, from the day he announced his run for President, he has not aged a bit, we don't see the stress that most Presidents show in their first few years of their Presidency.

The man as Thomas has pointed out in this great thread, knows a lot, about a lot of things and with that confidence and knowledge you don't have to carry inner stress and uncertainty of your next move. That is how I see our POTUS and Thomas puts it so well in his treads.
💕 🇺🇸

@Barb @ThomasWic

PDJT is the Energizer Bunny!!
I ❤️ him, he is a man of word
and deed!

@Barb I mentioned that the other day how well he looks. Others have aged dramatically in their first term. @ThomasWic


When he smiles it comes from his heart! ❤️ You can see it in his eyes.


POTUS ran world wide organizations and taught anyone in family that was interested how to do same. He has always cared about ecology, human rights, business finance and equality. He’s the only human qualified for the job.


I continue to be amazed each day at what Trump has accomplished for this country in the short time he has been POTUS. I believe no one else could have done so much in so many areas. And I know only he could have beaten HRC.

He may not be a perfect human being, but none of us are. God has always chosen the right people at the right time to do great things. Donald John Trump is one of those people.

@SandyisGettingSteamed @ThomasWic Obama divided the country selling out out to Iran & Venezuela. Biden (his son) to China. Obama was a laughing stock in Russia. Putin/Vova took advantage of his weakness. POTUS is fighting to bring back integrity (international) lost during Obama years, but meeting with strong headwinds.

@walkaway @ThomasWic

Yes, when you consider what Trump has been up against since he took office, it makes his accomplishments even more impressive.

Obama was indeed a laughing stock around the world. Trump is liked and more importantly respected—a true Commander-in-Chief.

@ThomasWic I note that a term like "stand in abeyance" is not one Trump would use today. If a taxi driver or construction worker wouldn't use it, he won't use it.

Trump intentionally devoted a large part of his life/work talking and relating best to everyday people. He draws from a rich colloquial repertoire to OUR advantage: He arms US.

Like Churchill: No subway hop for inspiration, but he definitely geared his rhetoric (and gestures) to commoners who understood.

@REX @ThomasWic Couldn't agree more.... I love these threads Thomas. Thank you!!

@ThomasWic And we are the fortunate few who get to watch him work. Amazing to be alive for this show. Thanks, Thomas for elucidating this for those if us who don’t see quite as clearly but can recognize the truth when we’re smacked upside the head with it!


Thank you, Thomas. I am so uplifted by your words.


One hundred percent true. He's a completely authentic man who uses "the Donald" as a tool to gain access. If it wasn't how the world works, he wouldn't need it. But it is, so he does.
It's his determination to do it all for the right reasons ... to lift people up ... that makes all the difference.

@ThomasWic Matt schlapp was on Judge Jenine tonight for 1st CPAC conference in Australia. Also been Japan, next Brazil. He said Donald Trump is making changes world wide!

@phoebedrobinson @ThomasWic TRUMP knows alot of things going on :) in time it will all come out

President Trump is the second greatest American to George Washington.

@ThomasWic I agree 100% Thomas! There are no words to express the level of gratitude I have For President Trump.

@ThomasWic 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Outstanding Thread! Once again, you never cease to amaze!

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