Epstein was never going to testify in his own defense.

He would never have been offered a deal to implicate others in exchange for a lighter sentence.

The evidence against others is already in the hands of investigators.

What would be the point of killing him?


Agree! IMO, he did not want a cell for his forever home.



If he was as sick as everything indicates, the thought of outing it all behind him undoubtedly appealed to him. I doubt he had any other way out. Still, he had to be enabled.
I don't know what deals he may or may not have been offered. Our criminal justice system is so entwined with the "rights" of the accused. Sidney Powell suggests it was not suicide (at least that is what I read from her post/implications.

I don't know. John and I used to talk from way back but he blocked me for some reason.
I think he is more like an aged Pirate now. He's lived out in the islands for a while and knows the 3 rd world in & outs. He's always heavily armed and broadcasts that frequently. As a matter of fact, last time we talked we were talking about small arms conversions (Israeli gear) and he was guzzling Tequila. I get the impression he's an old tough bugger.

@ThomasWic @EngOnDemand What is the deal with McAfee? He ran from police to avoid being questioned and worse for his neighbors death. And then posts on twitter under nearly all of the President's tweets. If he thinks he's wanted and so smart that he got away with it, why not lay low? Is it just pure ego?

@Kathleen @Baline @ThomasWic

And his prime corporate patents...
He did not sell those.
He leases them.


@EngOnDemand @Baline @ThomasWic

yup...a mind is a terrible thing to waste; especially a brilliant one.

@EngOnDemand @Baline @ThomasWic

yup, but that was 9 yrs of bourbon, scotch and dope ago.

And... he's got a wife 30 some years his junior that he has to keep entertained,

@Kathleen @Baline @ThomasWic
Janice is an ex-prostitute.
Some say a prostitute makes a good wife.
I wish him the best with that.
He's 74 years old in September and simply does not care for anything but what he is interest in.

@EngOnDemand @Baline @ThomasWic

Precisely...he's 74 yrs old and aught to grow up so he can be around for Janice for a few more years.

I totally get the guy and it's not pretty; been there.

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