BREAKING: Armed Man with Rifle, Handgun, 100 Rounds of Ammo and Body Armor Stopped and Arrested by Firefighter'
20-year-old man with rifle,handgun & body armor arrested at Walmart on Republic.
SFD Police say he had 100+ rounds of ammunition. Off-duty firefighter with concealed carry gun held him at gunpoint until officers arrived about 3 minutes


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The guy who committed the mass knifing in Garden Grove, California, yesterday is a 33-year-old gangbanger, violent felon, and career criminal who was released early under California's plan to empty the jails.

One of the people he injured was a stranger at a gas station. He cut off the man's nose.

For some reason he was taken alive. The prosecutors say they'll seek the death penalty.

They forgot that Gavin Newsom banned the death penalty.

@ThomasWic 😡 Infuriating! Let me guess; the cops were afraid killing the threat using a gun would not equate to his blade to a jury? I can't even...🤬 @brianem @DuaneCates

@Baline @ThomasWic @brianem @DuaneCates

It IS CA after all. We know how the SF jury ruled in Kate Steinle's murder, don't we?

At this point, even So. Cal has be infested with Libs and is ruined.

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Are they state prosecutors or federal prosecutors? If they are state could they refer this case to the feds?

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“These crimes have nothing to do with hate or race,” he added “The suspect is Hispanic and so are most of the victims.”

What kind of crap is this? Nothing to do with hate?

@ilumanous @ThomasWic @brianem @DuaneCates Exactly! Is targeting OTHER Latinos devoid of hate? The MSM is INSANE!

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Just a note:

The stabbing style is called the "Dracula."

If you keep calm, you can easily take out someone using the Dracula.

Charge him to get right into his face, and then put your fingers in his eyes.

You have NOTHING to lose. The second you see the knife or knives, run right at him and go for his eyes.

Don't even think. Just do it.

@ThomasWic @diz @brianem
No audio but he SHOWED HER the Knife & probably told her what he was going to do.
He's got a Sick Script running in his mind,
The moment I saw someone like that approaching me I'd pick up that table & JAB him backwards off balance with the Edge of it.
When he's on the ground, CLOBBER him with it.
There's no way that person could run/evade.
She was sitting behind a table.

@DuaneCates @diz @brianem

You have to charge them instantly.

Make that your instinctive reaction.

If you can get your hands on his face, you'll win.

It doesn't matter how old or small you are.

Again: If you can get your hands on his face, you'll win.

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An Vietnamese Shorin Ryu instructor from DECADES ago=
(Broken English) You...HIT HARD!
Me (reproachful) But I hit full Powah?
Master Loc=NO!! You NO!! You hit FOUR TIME "FULL POWAH!"

I've hit people so hard I expected to see their FEET sticking out of a Wall across the STREET.
THAT's how hard you hit someone like that.
They're trying to ROB THE WORLD of your Soul, Your DNA & your Future!

@DuaneCates @Cdubois @ThomasWic @diz @brianem

My videos and books on these things are always soon off to new homes. The good ones are hard to find. Even sold one on Dim Mak (with adjustments for seasons and such)

@EarlThePearls @Cdubois @ThomasWic @diz @brianem
For $399 + P & H You TOO can share in the Ancient DEADLY Secrets of the Oriental Martial Arts!
Fortunately I didn't need it.
I grew up wrestling & roughhousing with South Texicans
MOST of us survived....


I can call either of my 2 daughters (to this day).

I can say "What has Daddy ALWAYS told you?"

They will instantly reply: "Go for the EYES."

@diz @brianem @DuaneCates

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