TODAY I saw a young Latino man at the gas pump. He was very "street."

He had one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen: a cherry 1955 Ford Fairlane Sunliner convertible.

So I went over to him and told him that his car made me really happy.

You know what he did?

He thanked me profusely, shook my hand, and said I'd made HIM really happy.

So there you go.

@ThomasWic I have a love for old Fords. Here are my 2. 1962 Galaxie 500 and my 1967 500 7 Litre. When we go cruising my wife tells me she feels 21 again. It warms my heart.

@ThomasWic I do this all the time. My granny taught me it was the little things in life that truly make people happy. Simply telling someone their dress is pretty or their car is cool is a wonderful gesture. And that care is WAY cool! Good on you Thomas!

I love 55 and 56 Fords and Chevys. When I was in college in the 60’s that’s what kids drove. Good times happy memories. My boyfriend had a 56 ford. Another friend a 55 MGTD that we’d have to push frequently. Well not me I drove they pushed.😂


That car today was such a beauty.

The kid was happy that it made ME happy.


“So there you go” is right! I do that type thing all the time, Amazing the reactions you get from people. Great!

@ThomasWic While I love your wit, wisdom and insights, I love the positive seeds you plant even more. Your thirst for calm, goodness, stability and positivity slakes mine at the damnedest times.

Cheers for the boost. Off to go unleash some of that good stuff on class full of university students in about an hour. So there you go indeed.

@ThomasWic you made me tear up! We are essentially good and these moments make life worth living. Let's focus on them.

@stephanieanne @ThomasWic

I love it when folks appreciate the things I build. Last week, a non white guy gave me the thumbs up as he walked by. I asked him if he saw the motor and then I popped the hood. We talked for almost an hour about many things including how much he loved the one he owned back in '92.

Even a Love for things can break down barriers.

@ThomasWic I have huge respect for the work latino people do on classic cars. Even the low rider Malibu's- incredible craftsmanship and they put a lot of love into their work. Very impressive.

@ThomasWic what a beauty it is too.
A car like that would make (almost) anyone happy

@ThomasWic Yes, obv somebody that is NOT living off the govt. Cool car


Cool car. It looks almost like a cartoon car. He puts a lot of work into keeping it in that condition. Sweet.


Great story, and look at that wrap-around windshield and those fender flares!

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