I think Nicole Wallace has anger management issues. Check out Ryan Saavedra's thread.


@ThomasWic Her eyes are soulless. Not really flat affect, but her eyes just don't have any light. A very angry person. With greasy hair.

@ThomasWic @umad80 She lives in the past and prefers a useless, impotent GOP that surrenders to the Dems like the French Army. She and her consultant friends are like rotten cheese that expired years ago.

@ilumanous @umad80

That reminded me of going to a zoo in Miami in about 1969.

They had a camel that they allowed to stick its giant head and neck out of its enclosure, into the crowd.

It was like the swinging boom of a crane.

I was only six, but I thought the zoo was insane. The camel was sniffing little kids like it wanted to eat them.

My father asked if I wanted to say hello to the camel.


I wanted to drop napalm on it.

@ThomasWic @umad80

I am so glad it brought back such fond memories for you, Thomas...

@ThomasWic @ilumanous @umad80

Brings back memories of the migrating camel herders coming through Tehran twice a year.

Like another memory stamp about the smells you can never forget.

@ThomasWic @ilumanous @umad80
LA zoo 1988 before the chimpanzee exhibit was enclosed. Me and the gf were right up to the fence. A guy to our left has a bag of doritos and is taunting one chimp in particular. I grabbed my girl and we moved about 10' from the guy. After 3 times seeing this guy waving a chip and then eating it the chimp stealthily put it's right hand be hind him. Let's just say everyone was splattered except myself and my Devil Bitch.

@TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80

I never go to a primate section that doesn't have a glassed in area.

I learned this lesson as a small child.

Monkeys have been throwing poo since the beginning of time.


"Monkeys have been throwing poo since the beginning of time."

🤔 Sort of like SJW/Leftist/Marxists ... or whatever they're called ... 😂

@TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80

@BlizzyBuzz @TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80

I have mentioned something similar recently.

Trump always flushes them out in the open so that the world can see them prancing around showing their red bulbous baboon butts and despise them. Just like the poo throwing baboons at the zoo.

Baboons think that everyone loves to look at their gross bottoms, but their bottoms are only looked upon favorably by other baboons.


I used to teach drawing classes where...

@BlizzyBuzz @TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80

I would walk around with children carrying sketch books and drawing pencils.

It was fun, but one thing I noticed, hanging out in the primate section was that monkeys are fun to watch because they do some similar things to people.

They goof off, do calisthenics, peel their own bananas, rough house with each other, and other things like that...

but when they start slinging their poo, the crowd disperses and won’t go back.


@ilumanous @BlizzyBuzz @ThomasWic @umad80
I used to sit and watch the chimps for hours. Fascinating. Enjoyable to watch but they can be brutal to each other at times.

@BlizzyBuzz @ilumanous @TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80 -

Poo flinging makes perfect sense from their perspective. Were I in a cage surrounded by gawking monkeys, I'd probably fling poo at 'em as well.

@Lonestar @BlizzyBuzz @TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80

I guess we better be careful. The thought police might think we are prejudice.

Soon we wont be able to call our grandchildren little monkeys when they jump on the bed and climb on the furniture.

@Lonestar @BlizzyBuzz @TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80

Do you remember the days when the public school made a point of telling us that we all came from monkeys?

I wonder how they explain that in science class today while still being politically correct.

@ilumanous Great point! They certainly don't believe that God created man and now they can't explain evolution due to their own SJW virtue signaling. Painted themselves into a corner with a trap floor.
@Lonestar @BlizzyBuzz @TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80

@Baline @ilumanous @Lonestar @BlizzyBuzz @TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80 And every so often they keep coming up with a completely new group of humanoid species in a remote corner of the world that now have to be placed into the homo sapiens family.

@ilumanous @Lonestar @BlizzyBuzz @TommyDK @ThomasWic @umad80

Oh, I imagine they probably use the term ‘Primate’.

They’ll use that until it gets co-opted and given another meaning.

@ilumanous @Lonestar @BlizzyBuzz @ThomasWic @umad80
The teachers just let the student body fling shit. At least they did at the worst school in the San Fernando Valley in 1983.

@ilumanous @ThomasWic @umad80
I once saw an orangutan masturbated to my sister. I shit you not. LA Zoo. You see it all!

@ThomasWic @ilumanous @umad80

Sorry Thomas, but inquiring minds want to know...
Despite their strong association with the Middle East and Africa, camels actually originated in North America some 45 million years ago. Between 3 and 5 million years ago, they crossed the Bering land bridge to Eurasia and eventually migrated south.

@ilumanous @ThomasWic @
OMGoodness thanks for the belly laugh! How inventive...a camel. Poor cute little camel.😂😂😂

@ThomasWic @umad80
Her face looks oily and porous... anything else we can add?😂😂😂😂

@ThomasWic @umad80

And look at that priss-ass face. I'll bet she's had one-too-many boyfriends who've used her, rode her hard, and put her away wet.

@ThomasWic @umad80
Nicolle Devenish Wallace was fired from The View. She divorced her husband, an ambassador to the UN, and was dating (probably while still married) a NYT reporter who was on her show quite frequently. Her ex-husband, the ambassador, founded the organization: United Against Nuclear Iran. Just these little tidbits speak volumes about this beast of a "woman," in my opinion.

@ThomasWic @umad80

Wallace looks like a rodent, and she says whatever her bosses tell her to say.

@ThomasWic @umad80
She may be a greaseballed, lizard faced stinking wench, but she's George W Bush's favourite greaseballed, lizard faced stinking wench. Keep that in mind. lol

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