The racism of the left.. good read on Boris's new appointments

Boris Johnson’s appointment of ethnic-minority ministers has unmasked the ugly racism of identity politics.



Leftists are racists.

They demand that all non-Europoidal people be leftist, BASED ON RACE AND ETHNICITY.

That's called "slavery."

@ThomasWic @ValleyControl

In its relentless commitment to social justice the Left won’t take “yes” for an answer.

@ThomasWic @ValleyControl What amazes me is the concept of “wokeness”, where black leadership and celebrities keep their community supporting the same socialist crap as if nobody had ever heard of it before.

Rapper Killer Mike is one of the biggest frauds pushing it as he is a major Bernie supporter.


That's an amazingly brutal observation and sadly very true.

Thank you for keeping me (and others) thinking

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