I've always assumed that our president was a completely different person in private. I bet a lot of Republican congresspersons have experienced this side of him.


On YouTube, there is (was?) a video of him at some kind of speaking engagement.

He's at a podium, taking questions.

A woman asked him if he'd ever wanted to be something other than a commercial real-estate developer, and he said that he'd wanted to be a film director.

He's a just a nice man, answering questions with warmth and respect.

@ThomasWic @NevadaJack I just watched that video yesterday. Will see if I can find it in my history

@ThomasWic @NevadaJack
While I'm looking for it, here's Donald Trump enjoying a joke at his own expense. Typical Trump style though 😂 😂 😂

@ThomasWic @NevadaJack
Found it. Might not be the same clip you are referring to Thomas because the question was asked by a man, but it's a really interesting look at Donald Trump anyway. This is the first video of 6 and the question on him wanting to go into movies is at 5.35min


@Grammy @NevadaJack

The one I saw was in a seminar.

Very low key, and the woman who asked the question is black.

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