I forgot the brilliance and relevance of Kurt Elling's "Resolution."

Here's the part that means everything.

She knows the
Beginning - is coming in the sweep at the end of all
Even gods have passed over, away. Then, one day the
Shadow of a priest on the horizon appeared
He wasn't taken up into the swirling
He walked with purpose, all the while digging his heels
Into the bedrock like a man

But as he came into view the witness saw his eyes were
Tears like blood fell to earth - as he watched heaven
Disappear in the void - up the drain into the
Paraboloid - realizing it all - everything -everywhere
-into his eyes - seeing that all - he had beloved -
Went out of itself and away - here in this last ever
Surge of a day tearing all meaning away - and to the
Witness's indifference he had this to say:

"I know about birth. I know about death, and how the
Light goes out of men - the life departing - powerless
Giving it up - but in the vast indifference I invent a
Deeper meaning

"I'm the one who will say 'use the will every day or go
Mad trying - go to war against the impotent side of

"'Use every power your given to stand and act like a man

"'And pray -- every day to every god - strike the bowl of
Heaven and the ringing will become a law

"Speak - mercy to the things you meet - listen up to
Hear the whispering of the blood you bleed

"Stay awake - no mistake - dance the dream awake - and


That's what we're doing in the Trump era.

We're dancing the dream awake.


@Wendy @ThomasWic
"'I am a Bear of Very Little Brain, and long words Bother me.'"
Winnie The Pooh

@Wendy @ThomasWic
It means that we, along with Trump and his allies, are making the dream of justice, freedom and peace for all come alive. Because we want it, they want it, and Trump wants it.

Because we believe, because we hope, because we yearn for it-- therefore we are dancing the dream awake.

@Wendy @ThomasWic
I can never be 100% sure of the author's intent in meaning of anything they write. Writing in lyric or tome is always subject to interpretation.

Disclaimer aside....

We bleed for justice here on Earth, but heaven is above all that. Here, man rules with passion. In heaven these things pass to a higher purpose, but until that day comes, be right and be just.

In this context, dance the dream of heaven to wake here on Earth.

That's the charge of the human experience.


Thanks for your thoughtful response. I could not tell what the writer was talking about, even after reading the whole set of lyrics, and I was interested in understanding it better.


@ThomasWic As,I always argued believers debate who should worship which god, but for jazz musicians like John Coltrane and Kurt Elling, a more universalist approach is preferred.


"go to war against the impotent side of Living" and

"dance the dream awake"

This explains why the left is done for as a political party. They have no purpose higher than themselves. No justification for being willingly compassionate. No desire to see others rise higher than themselves.

They are the mucous laden cigarette butt, squashed on the dance floor of life, while we

"Dance the Dream Awake"

I love your thread.

@ThomasWic There's a line in "Casualties of War" where Michael J. Fox says something profound along the lines of the theme of that song.

If you think what you're doing doesn't matter, there's no purpose to anything, maybe what we're doing right now does matter. Maybe it matters more than ever.

That song is about a priest who saw a vision that Heaven was now gone. Did he just give up? Tell himself nothing he does matters now?

He does the exact opposite.


How much more should WE not give up and 'dance the dream while awake' when Heaven is real?

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic
I'll try to answer that in my most crude manner.
We are told we are Prince's and Princesses in the spiritual plane. (Those who believe in Christ or believe in what He did.)
Heaven (in the spiritual plane) is our home. We were given the responsibility of coming here to live our very short lives to learn things that are not easily learned there.
We take everything back with us when we lose our bodies. The will to move forward is our choice. Ans: When He is done with us.

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic

Our Creator chose to give us free will.
And free will obviously comes with very dangerous options.
Knowing that "the quality of free choice" is a far greater quality love than that of a forced embedded lack of choice or a controlled love.
Nevertheless, this is NOT an experiment.
It's the only way to refine real love. And that is what our Creator desires.

@drawandstrike @ThomasWic

When we dance, we move. To move is to take action.

The rest follows with logic and knowledge.

Unless this is a trick question.....

@EngOnDemand @ThomasWic
1/2 Thomas, that was a lovely, moving thread. Thank you for sharing Resolution. EOD, your interpretation was wonderful, and I can relate to the views. As my spirituality and relationship with God has grown, deepened, and evolved (evolvING) - have come to sense an ever deeper Mystery in God's creation of humankind and prayer. In prayer, we know all is God's will, but also, God wants to hear humans "vote" for, choose, good. Good, kindness, truth, beauty, responsibility.

@EngOnDemand @ThomasWic
2/2 As we go about our daily lives, what we choose to focus, speak, pray, and act on is watched and registered by God. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. So when in doubt, find something inspiring to vote FOR, and dance in your thoughts and actions like you are dancing with our Creator. Done enough times, and by enough people, prayerful "dancing" (thoughts/actions for good), if in alignment with God, can inspire Him to move mountains.

We ARE the Law.
We forget, we give up, we lie to ourselves FIRST before any other.
Natural Law is Natural LOVE of Life.
The mean, lowly emotions & thoughts descend us out of the Light.
If your Life was a Ship & Course Penalties by LEO 's & the Courts are SUPPOSED to be a COURSE CORRECTION.
See now the HARM the Left is deliberately doing in promoting Lawlessness?

@ChadBurke @ThomasWic
TRUMP is making this MOSTLY unnecessary.
Those roiling to "take to the Streets" are the people having 80 yrs. of reversed.
By Jan. 20th 2025 when Trump's HAND-PICKED Successor assumes Office everyone will look back on these days & just shake their Hears....

@ChadBurke @DuaneCates @ThomasWic

I agree if we do that within the Constitution, like what President Trump is trying to accomplish.

Main point would be to leave our Constitution in place. Absolutely scares me to death when talk of scraping and "starting over" is bandied about. You are right in destructive government or people that have perverted the foundation of Rule of Law for power.

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