First lie:

We don't have an 18 percent poverty rate.

We have a 12 percent poverty rate, and it continues to fall.

The poverty rate is not static, and most of it is the result of government policies.

The child poverty rate is falling, as can be seen by this chart.

What caused the spike in child poverty?

The Great Recession of 2008, which was prolonged by GOVERNMENT POLICIES.

Obama made children poor.

Western European countries have lower poverty rates at the cost of punitive tax rates.

The reason our public schools stink is leftism.

Teachers indoctrinate instead of educate.

American private schools are the best in the world.


The reason we spend more money on health care and we're sicker is that we're FATTER, and because we have millions of illegal Mexicans here, who skew all the stats.


Outcomes in all those thin European countries are far worse than they are in the US.

The Europeans massage their numbers. And they don't tell you that their health-care systems are designed to KILL.

If you have a heart attack in Europe, the paramedics will try to stabilize you ON SCENE.

That means you're much likely to die.

It's called "stay and play."

In the US, paramedics try to get you to the hospital as quickly as possible.

It's called "scoop and scoot."

Princess Dianna would've survived if she'd had her accident in the US.

The infant morality rate in the US is so high because of teen pregnancy.

Teen pregnancy results in low birth weight, the leading cause of infant mortality.

Illegal Mexicans are again skewing the stats.


In western Europe they don't record infant deaths unless the child had lived for 24 to 48 hours.

The child is called a "stillbirth" and not included in the infant-mortality stats.

Americans don't vote because their politicians have let them down.

That has nothing to do with America as a nation.

The US was downgraded to a flawed Democracy BECAUSE OF OBAMA.

"The downgrade isn't related to Donald Trump's recent inauguration."

You bet it wasn't.

Obama and his buddies did their best to make us into Kenya.

Civilian gun ownership.

It skyrocketed under Obama, but the violent crime rate continued to drop.

Did I say drop?

The violent crime rate is PLUMMETING.


Because of the Community Mental Health Act of 1963 and the California Lanterman Petris Short Act of 1967, there are no hospitals, and we can't put away ANYBODY.

It's called "deinstitutionalization."

A leftist idea. Today there 43,000 psychiatric beds in the entire country.

Prescription drug abuse is common in the US because in western Europe, doctors are allowed to prescribe anything.

The cost of freedom is responsibility.

As for prison population, we have 2.2 million out of country of 330 million.

It's not a problem.


It's almost impossible to be incarcerated. You have to work very hard at it.

Claiming that the US is almost number one in environmental damage is a meaningless statement.

If we scale up all other countries to match the US population, we'll be right near the bottom.

And the US leads the world in creating technology for healing the environment.

Remember the Kuwait oil fires?

"Experts" said it would take ten years to put them out.

They were put out in ten months.


Before the oil fires, it took 36 hours to remove a wellhead. They used a steel cable encrusted with diamonds to saw the wellhead off.

The cable was wrapped around the wellhead and pulled back and forth by two vehicles.

But in Kuwait, they used a steam cutter to remove each wellhead in three hours.

This was new technology that the inventors made available to everyone for free.

The inventor was HALLIBURTON.

Not one person who works at the New York Times knows this.

"How great America is really depends on how rich you are."


Ask the children of ANY legal immigrants.

America is the land of opportunities. In my city, immigrants help each other by pooling their resources.

Everyone chips in so that one person can buy a business. Then they rotate through the circle until EVERYONE has bought a business.

They couldn't do that back home.

How the hell did we get from patriotism to jingoism?

The answer is that leftists CONFLATE the two. Deliberately.

This country had to stop TWO WORLD WARS that the Europeans and Asians started.

That alone makes us the greatest country in the world.

Screw the New York Times.



I meant to write "Prescription drug abuse is common in the US because in western Europe, doctors are NOT allowed to prescribe anything."


One time, I nearly gouged out my eye on the sharp side of a table near my bed.

One time, a family member of mine got blood in his urine.

Both times, our wait in the urgent care line was at least five hours. A bunch of Mexicans were there and looked to be making a day out of it.

I'm not saying they were all illegal, I'm just saying that here in California, illegals tend to be Mexican...

@Kambeii @ThomasWic same with the Puerto Ricans in the North, they bring their whole families to the ER as well as their lunch from McDonald's and make a day of it. I've seen it many times, and all because of a snot nosed kid with a cold.

@KittyDugre @ThomasWic

Not to worry, just in case the problem wasn't bad enough, California set aside 100 million more dollars for illegal healthcare!

National EMBARRASSMENT. Every Californian scumbag who signed onto this should be ousted from office for violating their oath to the AMERICAN people. Stealing from the legal and giving to the illegal!

@Kambeii @ThomasWic they should use that money for the homeless legal population. So glad I left. Both my kids want out of there also but can't for a while.

@ThomasWic Their hot take infuriates me. We have Graveyards of people either murdered by the Criminally Insane or shot to death by Police.


Suicide by Cop has to be up at LEAST 300% since 2017.

@ThomasWic An amazing informative Video by Bill Whittle=Our TRUE Ranking Internationally on Gun Violence=90

@Kambeii @ThomasWic Maybe those 2/3 were hoping the gang bangers would eliminate one another.

@WatchfulCat @ThomasWic

More likely, they bought into the Leftist argument: There's so many minorities in jail, which is automatically racist, so we need to release them to be not-racist!

@WatchfulCat @ThomasWic

By the way, as someone who briefly volunteered with the LA DA's gang division, the few cases I got to work on had interviews with the aunt or mother of some of these gangbangers.

It's shocking how they ALL:

1) Had no father.

2) Lived on welfare.

3) Were spoiled by their aunt or female guardian BY THE GUARDIAN'S OWN ADMISSION.

These kids don't do gangbanging because they're not-white, they do it because no one expects better of them and they're bored.


Thank you, Thomas great thread. Great compilation on why America is great and the crap the left initiated that made things worse.


Great thread, Thomas! I would say that all you have to do is live in overseas for a few years to see if America is great or not. People would change their tune.

@ThomasWic have you read the book Dreamland the true tale of America’s opiate crisis by Sam Quiones. So insightful how this happened to us


I can no longer see your posts from my gab account weird

@ThomasWic wow- when I was in Canada they dispense everything like they were tic-tacs.

@Kevmo @ThomasWic my wife visits our family doctor every month. He prescribes medication for her that's extremely regulated. She's registered with the RCMP for the stuff she takes. It's much stricter now.


Fantastic thread. Everything you said is right on the money. “Screw the New York Times” and God bless America!

As always Thomas, great thread, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge I had no clue how the Europeans play with "stillbirth" numbers (but can not say it surprises me).

wow!! that has to be one of your best posts!! ty!!

@ThomasWic Take all their journalistic awards from them and given them to people like Brian Cates.

NYT is a propaganda outlet no different than Pravda.

@ThomasWic Damn Thomas you were on fire with that thread! Makes me want to stand on my roof and screen

@ThomasWic I say it every day that this is the greatest country on Earth and anyone that says otherwise has their head parked so far up their ass they can't see daylight.

@WarriorPoet @ThomasWic

I was lookin’ for the “F@ckin eh right” button!

@ThomasWic How, how, how do you seem to know everything. Absolutely amazing. Thank you.


This incredible thread had some "meat" to it which I appreciate. Thank you Thomas!

@Cagey Meat delivered with a sledge hammer! Blunt force truth!
I'm still jacked up over that thread. Posted it everywhere.

can we get a MEGA-BOOST button?

Awesome rebuke of the Fake News champions at NYT Thomas!


Everyone needs to read this. Unbelievably awesome info.

@Judy @ThomasWic
Thomas's debunking of the statistics of this is much like actually seeing the internals of political polling.
It all boils down to who's asking the questions and the info that's used to make up the data presented.
So much of what we're fed is the equivalent of "oatmeal" made of sawdust.
Thomas presents us with prime rib from good American beef. No fillers, no soy.

@ThomasWic "How great America is really depends on how rich you are."
Wow, that's such bullshit. Was it written by a celebrity obsessed teenager? Sounds like it. I'd like to see the writer's idea of what it is that's needed to live a meaningful, productive and happy life. A whole bunch of shoes! - probably for them, lol.

I have substantially less income now than I did for most of my life. I'm infinitely happier. (It might have something to do with leaving my rich, batshit crazy husband, tho)

@ThomasWic God Bless Houston! On just my block, my neighbors work for Halliburton, Shell, Exxon, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Schlumberger!

@ThomasWic @Lonestar. Here I am applauding the wonderful city of Houston...then my bubble gets busted being reminded about Al Green and Sheila JackA## Lee! The irony! 🤷🏻‍♀️

@MaureenQueen @ThomasWic -

TBH, Houston isn't my favorite part of the state.

Ahem....nonetheless, I'll take it over other liberal s*itholes simply because of it's location.

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