Gee, I wonder why Trump would tweet about people of Congress going back to their own countries? 🤔 Couldn't have anything to do with this!

To The Surprise Of Nobody, Dems Internal Polling Shows Swing Voters Don't Like Progressives



Trump is saying what so many Americans are thinking.

We don't necessarily WANT the Smiling Somali and the Palestinian deported, but we love hearing the president say, "If you don't like it here, go back to your shithole country."

It's the ultimate "EFF YOU!"

And we love it when the president speaks without fear.

@ThomasWic 100%!

And he knows these race-baiting, anti-American assholes won't be able to keep their mouths shut and the news media will be hair-on-fire about his tweets. So, what will happen? People will get curious and look at their tweets and agree with Trump.

It won't matter if 3 out of 4 of them are from this country because they’ll look like they're not.

@ThomasWic @umad80
I follow Tim Pool (@Timcast) on Twitter. He tries to be objective but turns his nose up at Trump's "blatantly racist" Tweet reg. 2 Democrats Omar & Tlaib.
Trump is "speaking for effect" & intelligent people like Tim CANNOT look past their own Bias.
That "Zone" they can't see is where Trump connects with the Heartland of America.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic People are so afraid of what will be said that they've automatically gone in the mode of being a leftist.

Trump is right. If you hate this country then leave! Tlaib might’ve been born here, but her heart is in her parent's birthplace. Omar would rather shit on America than be thankful for the refuge.

The others are so anti-American, why don't they just denounce it and live in any other country?

@umad80 @DuaneCates

Also, saying, "Go back to your shithole" is an excellent way of taking the wind out of their sails.

Remember the Congolese who climbed the Statue of Liberty and then read a "F*ck America" poem?

In her home country, the army practices terroristic cannibalism.

Making her the face of a movement was a catastrophic error in judgement.

Judas goats are real.

@ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates I think it's also a way to force Pelosi, to begin defending them, right when they were calling her a racist. Trump imo wants "the squad" to continue their psycho rhetoric as long as possible. If she squashes them now they might stop embarrassing the left as much as they've been doing.

@Kinch It's a brilliant strategy. Add to it that Trump 'defended' Nancy as not being racist just the other day, which set off the walking dead, now she is in a lose-lose corner. You are right; if Nancy does anything to try to reel them in, the zombies will go beyond berserk and end her career. She can try to move center supporting the lobotomy triplets, but it won't work.

@ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates

@Baline @Kinch @ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates
Now Nancy has a bigger bullseye on her in the eyes of these justice Democrats.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @redwhitebluedude @Baline @Kinch @ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates
I love this picture of our's a conversation...not a sentence..not a's an ongoing ba ba ba ba baby, you ain't seen nothin yet...😏😎😂 be inside of this genius man's head at this moment would be more than epic...imo 🤯😏

@ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates

For a comment to be racist, it must be false.

Falsity is the key characteristic.

If the statement isn't false, it's not racist. It may be shocking, even offensive, but NOT racist.

Being lectured to by the likes of Omar and Tahlib on democracy, is akin to being lectured to by the Grand Wizard of the Klan on racial harmony.

Trump is absolutely correct to expose these people and shove their hypocrisy straight back down their throats. We need more of it.

@REX @ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates
That Omar and Tahlib are idiots isn’t false, and their being idiots is not a racist thing to say about their mental hygiene.

@REX @ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates

A stunningly simple response to accusations of racism. Thank you. I have shared on other forums.

@KatrinaLeger @REX @ThomasWic @umad80 @DuaneCates

Isn't it though. Light bulb moment.

[Smacks forehead ]

Great explanation by Rex

@DuaneCates @umad80

Tim is VERY concerned about being seen as virtuous.

This is why he won't get any further than where he is.

@ThomasWic @umad80
....I recognized the TRUTH of that the moment I read it.
I speak my mind, & focus on Facts.
If I editorialize I tell people that's it's opinion.
You do the same, such as in Old Mosul=Here's what's happening (Facts)
Then=Here's what I THINK it means.

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates @umad80 You can see how it holds Tim back, how the war goes on in his mind. It's where most of his stress is coming from.

@akelm88 @DuaneCates @umad80

He's admitted as much.

I was a huge supporter of George W. Bush...until he let me down.

He lost me because of his push for amnesty TWICE and the way he let our troops get massacred in Iraq.

Once I admitted to myself that I'd let Bush hoodwink me, I was fine. It was easy to dump him.

You can NEVER become emotionally attached to politics.

I trust Trump completely, but if he let me down, he'd lose me.

And I wouldn't be emotionally devastated.

@ThomasWic @akelm88 @DuaneCates @umad80 I was a Bush supporter when I was in the Army. But I had to drop him as well. No problem. If Trump fails (which I don’t believe will happen) it will be a huge disappointment for me. Only because so much more is at stake after the BHO “dismal 8”. If these enemies from within are not pulled out root and stem we may never remove them.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @umad80
Talking about bias. You should check out people like Kyle Kulinski and Mike Figuerido(Humanist Report), at least Tim tries but these two, they think progressives have the winning formula. Jesus, talk about being in a bubble.

Your last sentence alludes to a lot media people being in the big city bubble, because that is where they are based. Trump connects with the heartland while flying over the heads of big city folks.

@ThomasWic @umad80 *raises 🖐 * I want the Somali to go back. She’s an immigration fraudster. So she can go

@ThomasWic @umad80 How many times have I said exactly what Trump said. He speaks for many.

@ThomasWic @umad80

Actually, I do. Tlaib and Omar's parents lied in their immigration applications and should be put on the first plane out.

I understand how incredibly unlikely it is, but I do WANT them to be deported.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @umad80

@Debradelai Im with you on this. The laws should apply to everyone the same-we are ALL supposed to be equal under the law

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @umad80
Maybe Trump will walk us into that getting exposed. That would a major asswhupping on the Democrats.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @umad80

It would be great to say to those two, “Shalom...and may the door kick you on the way out.”

@rarity ... or, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you! 😂

@Debradelai @ThomasWic @umad80

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