Buster Keaton is one of my heroes.

I haven't seen most of these clips.

the reason is that it took years to restore his films.

In this case they had a boom on top of the street car.

You can see the shadow on the ground.

Keaton wore leather cuffs around his thighs. Wires went from the boom to the cuffs.

The boom lifted him upward, but he had to hold on to the rail with one hand.

The actor James Mason found the ONLY copies of Keaton's movies.

They were in a safe in the garage of the house Mason bought. Keaton had once lived there.

Mason began the restoration process, and you can see that it's stunning.

Keaton invented this "gag."

The wall of the house was real. It weighed over a ton.

Keaton ESTIMATED where to stand.

He trusted his instincts.

It took years for people to truly appreciate the genius of Buster Keaton.

He lived long enough to see it happen.

And for that, I'm grateful.


@ThomasWic Jackie Chan took a lot of inspiration from these guys.

@ThomasWic the concept of "safety gear" came a few years later. Hollywood was nuts for a long time. They used to trip horses with wires in Westerns. As I am sure you are fully well aware

@ThomasWic Just thinking about a human being doing this makes me a bit queasy.

I keep imagining how easy it'd be to go splat in this situation.


The insurers would never let him do those stunts today.

I think of Trump as Buster Keaton’s political equivalent.


He actually broke his neck without knowing it.

Years later, doctors told him that he'd broken his neck, but it had healed on its own.

It probably happened during this stunt, since his head hit the steel rails really hard.


I love this part of the movie. As the girl walks away and his face is so forlorn, he goes and sits on the train not even noticing that the wheels of the train slowly begin to turn. He begins to rise up and down expressionless until the train starts to enter the tunnel and he is shocked back into reality.



I would only be able to do one flip.

...Onto my head, which would then cause severe trauma and instantly kill me.

@ThomasWic WTF? This is side splitting fun. No words. Laurel and Hardy be damned. Another spectacular find Mr Wictor.👌


How did I never know about Buster Keaton? He's a really funny man!

His shoes are hilarious.


1 of 2

He wore giant shoes and a woman's straw hat with the brim cut down.

To make his hats stiff enough to stand up to his antics, he coated them in syrup made of sugar and boiling water. This dried harder than any varnish.

His favorite sandwich was beefy jerky, raw onion slices, and yellow mustard.

And don't forget Harold Lloyd.


Harold Lloyd also did stunts with no safety gear--but he was missing the thumb and index finger of his right hand.

He wore a rubber flesh-colored glove in his movies, and he did everything with his left hand, which was so strong that he could hang from a beam one handed.

Another of my heroes.


Very funny, too!

Michael Jackson stole his dance moves.

I can't decide which one is funniest.


I really enjoyed this! The scene where the woman had the newspaper on her dress was hilarious. I have never heard of Harold Lloyd before. Thank you so much for sharing.


@kbrendell @ThomasWic he was frequently confused with Charlie Chaplin among other silent film stars by later generations.. although Mr. Keaton did have a brief revival with gen x hipsters during the new wave 80s and later in the 90s with cabaret punk and films directed towards this wannabe 'outsider' generation. It's quite possible you were exposed to references without realizing it. Much of Johnny Depp's angsty aesthetic was borrowed from him.

Fantastic thread! That was so cool to watch. Impressive stuff! Thanks for posting!

@ThomasWic I love how the French say his name.... Boosteh Kee toh.


I'm glad I finally fixed my computer. That video was worth it.

Never seen such a lengthy compilation of his work.

He was a genius. No bones about it.


I loved this! It's crazy to know that he did all of these scenes without safety gear. No wonder he is one of the greats. Thank you for sharing these treasures.

@ThomasWic Thanks for sharing these. I've heard of but never watched Buster Keaton. Harold Floyd was a hoot also. I like them both. Good clean comedy, haven't seen any of that in decades.

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