This is ridiculous.

How is social-media censorship turning people against Trump?

The answer is, it's not.

Look at his rallies.

Leftists think Big Tech will save them. That's what Trump wants them to think.

Besides, people like jim Hoft and Laurea Loomer are not genuine Trump supporters, so I don't see a need for him to help them.

@ThomasWic Loomer is an attention getter and I think you would agree with me that she does no favour to America

@ThomasWic This weird belief that everyone is engaged in politics online annoys me.

At least 10% of Americans don't get online. Less than 70% use social media. I wager not even half of that number are political junkies.

But big tech will piss off the 90% of Americans online. Well, that's generious because there are leftists. So, we'll do 80%.

So yeah, Trump doesn't have to do shit. Just let big tech destroy itself.

@umad80 @ThomasWic I’ve found most people don’t know who aoc, Omar or Tlaib are.

@Oo @umad80 @ThomasWic

I was shocked when I spoke with a very intelligent Private Invstigator friend of mine.

He hadn't ever heard of Fusion GPS. I almost fell over. Luckily he is Conservative and will vote for Trump.

@Linnie @Oo @ThomasWic So many people don't follow politics like we do.

Hell, a lot of people don't even follow the news. And not just because of "fake news" but because the news itself is depressing. Plus, I think most people don't like to be bombarded with "Orange Man Bad" 24/7, either.

@umad80 @ThomasWic

Yeah, I can affirm that not too many are going online as political junkies. My wife, for instance, gets confused with many conflicting messages out there that she decided to let me sort them out. Instead, she cooks me some delicious meals from the recipes she found from these social media posts, and we have a good conversation on what's happening.

@ThomasWic Hoft and Loomer are fair weather friends like Hannity..Tick Tock.

@ThomasWic What has Loomer done to help the conservative cause anyways? She’s about as subtle in her investigative reporting as Gilbert Gottfried is as a Tai Chi instructor.

Fame whores, that's all they are.

Some people have as much need to follow fame whores as the fame whores need fame, so this will never stop.

They're worried about being demonitized not censorship. It's all about them and their pocketbook.

@ThomasWic - In a recent interview with Fox news, he was asked about their censorship efforts, and I thought his response was interesting. Rather than thumping his chest and screeching about their conduct, he simply replied that, "They did it to me and I STILL won." When pressed, he went on to say that "they're still doing it, and I'll beat them again."

@ThomasWic I just want to be able to Like Trump's tweets again, but Twitter requires a phone number and I'm already blocked.

Leave it to Laura Loomer and Jim Hoft to insert themselves and attention whore.

At worst big tech is trying to shut up Trump supporters. The more they try the worse is going to be the pushback against them.

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