Today it was announced on the radio that California now has HALF of all homeless people in the entire United States.

@ThomasWic @Cantaloupe
The state motto on car registration plates should be, "California, the welfare state."😩

@ThomasWic Don't I know it! I have lived in LA for 38 years and never seen anything like it even in days of highest unemployment. Little Calcutta

@ThomasWic @Cantaloupe
After 2020's reelection Trump will move to deny Federal Welfare (EBT & Housing, etc) to Illegals via an upgraded E-Verify System that;ll be much harder to fool.
It will be so successful, Americans will DEMAND current recipients E-Verify as well.
Trump will "reluctantly" agree.
California, which drove the Open Borders Movement will be saddled with MILLIONS of Illegals who now need to be fed & Housed....


@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Cantaloupe

That'd be brilliant. Watch how fast CA politicians turn on their beloved Illegals.

@Linnie @ThomasWic @Cantaloupe
AND vice versa.

As Trump & the Feds wait to sweep up & rebuild afterwards.


Great point. It will be a third world uprising of epic proportions.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Cantaloupe that’s why it’s in the works for me and my family to get the hell out of the cancerous state of Commifornia by 2022.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @Cantaloupe Of course the push back will be that E-verify violates the privacy rights of citizens. How laughable is that? Mark my words!

@masterblaster @ThomasWic Diseases don't honor state boundaries..."as California goes?" We need help!

@Cantaloupe @ThomasWic

wWe get some good ones down here. California is a strange place Such beauty but , it makes us look clean

@ThomasWic @Cantaloupe not surprised, I’m renting a warehouse in the northern valley, every 3 weeks police comes followed by big dump truck and cleans up the street, 2 weeks later it’s a mini skid row again. I ended up closing the gates during business hours people were taking showers with the garden hoses.

@ThomasWic @Cantaloupe

Why settled for half?
California should want ALL the homeless in America.

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