Some thoughts on the election in 2020.

I'll openly admit that I frequently flip back and forth over the question of whether Trump will win re-election in 2020.

I certainly hope he does. Not only because he's proven to be a great president, but because the alternative would probably destroy the country.

The problem I have pertain to certain uncertainties within the electorate.



Trump beat a household name given a 98 percent chance of winning.

He was an unknown quantity at the time.

Now he's running against nonentities, and he's got a massive string of successes behind him.

The Democrats and the press have overreached and now live in the land of total madness. They're not sweet talking. They're raving.

Of course Trump will win.

In a landslide.

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace

@REX keeps saying Trump is toxifying the Democratic party. He is making them go so batshit crazy that people may not be able to stomach them by November 2020.

Democrats have a cult like hold on blacks so the percentage of blacks who end up voting for Trump may be lower than the percentage who approve. Some of them may be afraid to vote for Trump. Still it is going to be a disaster for Democrats when Trump's voting share of Blacks hits well above 10% maybe even 20%.🤷‍♂️

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace @REX Toxifying the Democratic party is coming solely from the Democratic party, I would warmly and respectfully posit. Trump just calls events as they are, factually, and tries to transmit around MSM the stepwise actions and progress being made on several fronts (as well as the factual resistance blockades). Democrats need no help from Trump to circle the drain. He just never took up the PC Mask himself. The fact of ugly rabid mask-drops are on them.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace @REX What I notice about the Dems is that they have still not articulated any clear vision (other than AOC's nonsense) and seem to have no plan beyond 'Get Trump!'. If that didn't work in 2016, it sure as hell won't now.

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace @REX

The Democratic party is being provoked by Trump. Trump's agenda just happens to provoke them.

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace Thank you for the thread. It seems to be me your list of pros out weights your list of cons. Therefore you know Trump will win.

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace I remember when Thomas said PDJT will destroy the dem party. By allowing them to destroy themselves. I see it everyday now. They are destroying themselves without even knowing it. Their hatred for PDJT has them blinded. I couldn’t be happier!

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace

You called it on the money in 2016- before I even knew who you were.

NOW...I believe you 100%

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace


RNC PLUS Trump just reported a haul of 105 MILLION $$ for last quarter, DWARFING Obama's first-term, 2nd quarter pittance.

RNC has $100M in cash, while DNC still OWES $6M....NOT that any of this matters. heh, heh

@IndiaMaria @ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace

DNC is going to have even more troubles when the coup plot against Donald Trump is exposed & their part is exposed for the American people & the world to see. When the criminal indictments start to drop, that, too, will be enlightening don't ya think including the names of the leakers & complicit MSM.

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace You will be able to add a peace deal with NK to the list. possibly some very good news coming from the ME too.

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace
I agree Trump will win in a landslide
Would love your take on this Thomas. You always have a brilliant prospective I never see (till you explain it). Thank you

@RonOgletree @ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace

Oooh perhaps if I learned to read better I could figure it out for myself.
I knew there would be something reasonable behind it but missed the obvious point. Thanks for pointing it out.

@Grammy @ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace

I saw it right away and did a toot of the sentence. The headline was the same.

and people wonder why I have stopped cruising that site.

@RonOgletree @ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace
I used to read Sundance a lot but now only find his take on NK/China of value.
"Usually" I ignore the rest.
I did try to point out an alternate view a few times in the comments with his spygate stuff but his followers cannot bear dissent. It leaves his site as an echo chamber and that is sad imho.

@RonOgletree @ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace
Or the Gateway Pundit. Even though they are mostly clickbait and pretty vacuous, their followers do not like their thoughts challenged either.

I have Thomas to thank for sharing his insights. It has opened my mind to other possibilities and realities and (usually) allows me to think more critically about any information I read online. It truly is a gift to unlock that in someone. Thank you Thomas for so selflessly offering that.

@Grammy @WhatsHisFace

Trump used this issue to distract from ICE cracking down so hard on employers and smugglers that illegals are now self-deporting at a faster rate than they are entering the country.

As always, Trump does his real work under the radar.

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace

you thought that the Republicans will clean up in 2018 and they actually lost a lot of seats they shid have easily won. I think the 2020 election will be just as though as the 2016 as that election was won by less than 100k votes. The Democrats could put up a monkey and it would still be that close. The rulling class has split the country in half so that they can pretty much do what they want.

@ThomasWic @WhatsHisFace That's what we are all hoping Thomas. I'm just praying Down Under that the Voters don't get Lazy.

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