Trump and Kim outfoxed everyone.

An insta-summit!

Everything we heard after Hanoi was strategic deception.

This was done to keep the Chinese from leaning on Kim.


Trump even said that today in his press conference. I linked a youtube that has it in it.

Not explicit, but the discerning ear will pick it up

You have trained me well sir. TY

@ThomasWic I feel like I'm seeing a father/son relationship. Kim really looks up to Trump and Trump is very fatherly. Did you catch that hand on Kim's back when the media started bombarding him?

@ThomasWic This is history making.
I'm glad I'm awake at 2:04 am CST to witness

@ThomasWic wouldn’t it be fun if an agreement was signed on July 4th? Kim could share an Independence (from PRC) Day with his bestie.



Normally I wouldn't post anything from CNN but this footage is pretty raw from the event and captures it well.

@chart_map @ThomasWic

Choked up over this!

Thanks so much for posting.

What times we’re living in because of PDJT!!!

@chart_map @ThomasWic Did you hear Trump answer a reporter's question about Kim visiting DC? Trump said he was going to invite him right now to the White House.

@chart_map @ThomasWic Trump he’s got em I tell ya! Made of steel! 💙🇺🇸❤️

@ThomasWic Remember when House Dems scheduled the ridiculous Cohen testimony to detract from Trump’s summit? This was a great way to prevent that from happening again!

@ThomasWic 👏 👏 👏 PDJT
and Kim are friends, and as you
have detailed, “face” is very
important! This President has
instincts and awareness that
are exceptional! I ❤️ PDJT!!


My dogs ran for cover when I pulled up the picture a bit ago! Probably the biggest YES!! I've ever let out 😂

I love my President!!

@ThomasWic I think Trump's tariffs are forcing the Chinese to lose some of their grip on the Korean Peninsula.

So in effect they are tangoeing until Xi and the Chinese Communists are dealt with. 👍

Thank you for your amazing observations.

@ThomasWic This and Trump supposedly giving Huawei a reprieve. I wonder if he is testing Xi?

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