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I don't know if you've noticed, but both sides of the political aisle are posting video that show black Americans in the worst possible light.

No gore in this video.


I've never seen so many such videos.

Most are FAR worse.

This is without question a coordinated campaign.

As you say, the goal is to make the races hate each other.


I've been told of something that is deliberately being kept out of the news.

People from inner cities are being taken to rural areas to socialize with the residents.

Guess what?

They have everything in common.

Church, family, food, and speech patterns.

They go to the range together and shoot.

We're going to see things APPEAR to be worse than ever, but they actually aren't.

Trump set up a giant network over several decades.

Everything is factored in. This is why he's polling higher among black Americans than any other president including Obama.

So there's no doubt that we're seeing a shockingly callous and treasonous attempt to cause race wars.

Obama failed, and everything he and his lackeys are currently trying will also fail.

But it's sickening to watch, isn't it?



It'll be another nail in their coffin once election day rolls around. They can play their games, it'll come back a hundred fold and with accrued interest.


I find it interesting that so many perpetrators of especially heinous crimes -- regardless of race -- have a long list of priors with attendant slaps on the wrists. Look at that POS who murdered Janet Genao.


I bet this is so for that charmer in the video -- who is being charged with a third murder.

I know you hate conspiracy theories, but I can't help but wonder if judicial systems at all levels are allowing criminals to wreck havoc on normal people.

Heck, look at what's happened to our state. THAT, I'm certain is no accident.


Oh and Obama is the lackey , if you ask me. One might as well lump him in with that guy in the video.


In the America I see, however, there's a lot of peace and love among the "races."

My family is multiracial -- as you can probably tell from some of the photos I've shared. So is my neighborhood. And my church.

But I don't think that's just anecdotal.

I'm going to share some of what I see.



This POS driving and behaving like a person that did not just stab two people to death. IMO, beating and stabbing is sicker because you have to have close contact as they are dying/being killed. This guy should be put to death, same manner! 😡


@baldilocks @ThomasWic I agree. Maybe ten years ago, a guy was drunk and had a suspended license and smashed into a car with four people in it, killing three. One of them was Los Angeles Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart. A real bright star, and the other two young people (girl and guy) as well. The guy who survived had a "hangman's break" on his neck and just barely survived, with permanent injuries. That stayed on my mind for weeks.

@baldilocks @ThomasWic Oh, that's good. I felt so bad for him and all the families.

@Cdubois @baldilocks @ThomasWic Yes! He's doing a lot better because even for a few years after he could not turn his head from side to side.

@baldilocks @ThomasWic the Ukrainian who killed 7 motorcyclists in NH had multiple DUI offenses. We prioritize the criminals and treat victims as a few “broken eggs.”

totally sickening..I thank God every day for the people that have came into my life from a young age.As a child without a mother, i I had a lot of "moms"(black, white,cuban) who i considered my family and considered me one their own.I still love them dearly.My dad was a truck driver and when he couldnt be there they were.I see this nonsense they are pulling and it makes me angry. There are good and bad people of every race and nationality but they keep trying to divide everyone

@Dawnz @ThomasWic

The left are so delusional that they believe that if they demonize straight white males that it somehow magically makes all members of other races, “sexes” 🙄 and nationalities without fault and beyond reproach. Needless to say, it’s a delusional and psychotic fabrication. This is all post Obama madness.

@MegasAlexandros @ThomasWic
people are people..good and bad in every race and gender..if they think we buy that nonsense they ARE delusional

@Dawnz @ThomasWic

I hope some of the people currently buying that garbage come to their senses.

@ThomasWic I believe you spoke of this on Twit before Midterms, or something in regard to race baiting.Anyway you said this would happen way before it did. Sorry for beating around the bush. Speaking of bush, It now makes perfect sense why O had his portrait taken in a bush he knew he was eventually going to have to hide.


They will keep trying unless they have a change of conviction.

@ThomasWic Far greater minds than Obama had much better initial success but succumbed to their own arrogance, hubris and malfeasance. The only achievement of Obama was to get elected and drove the train off the rails. History will judge him harshly. A fish stinks from the head and Obama is a piscatorial minnow that will be devoured and dispatched along with the other effluent.

It sure is sickening to watch, but I wouldn't trade this time to be alive in history!
Like Sarah Sanders said, a front row seat, watching history being made. (paraphrased)

@ThomasWic I find it’s painfully galvanizing, makes me ashamed of the years I semi paid attention to what my gov was doing. This community surrounding valid researchers is stimulating n rarely lacking valid insight. I want to be actively engaged w support trump. It’s refreshing to feel I too can play a part, that the vision we all share for our country is attainable. We the ppl are the force that trump has at his disposal, we r his strongest weapon. I can not wait till he needs us! Yellow vest


I just read that 80 Marxist RATs in Congress including, soon to be gone, RAT Amash, are signing on to impeachment. Obviously, this gaggle of political hacks didn't watch the Trump rally last Tues. They're, obviously, rolling the dice thinking they will be reelected next year with 50 supporters each. Call each of them to suggest they order their packing boxes now? 202-224-3121 & ask for the political hack of your choice.


Things that every human being can share, and need. It's not rocket science, except to those who would divide us.

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