Years ago, I noticed that in US public discourse, it's normal for all sides to be wrong.

Take Trump's decision to not retaliate against Iran for shooting down a reconnaissance drone.

Tucker Carlson is wrong.

Every time we've used limited military force against Iran, they haven't responded.

So a series of air strikes would not have led to war.

Also, the aircraft were not in the air when Trump decided to not retaliate.

He never gave permission for the strikes to be carried out.

Then Tucker Carlson finally admits what he's all about:


He knows better than Trump how to run the country.

Americans are obsessed with rhetoric and public apologies. I support Bolton refusing to agree publicly that he was wrong.

Don't give the enemy ammunition.

Trump chose him. That's good enough for me.

Then Carlson says that the shooting down of the drone was supposed to be the trigger for regime change in Iran.

This is one of the most childish things I've ever heard.

Carlson knows nothing about military affairs. We don't have the assets in theater to wage war on Iran.

Remember how long it took us to build up the Iraq invasion force? Carlson is irrational when it comes to this topic.

He's crazy.

FINALLY, Carlson completely ignores the regional powers who have waged the most stunning wars in human history.

Mosul was taken after the Islamic state fortified it for three years. They built underground complexes, created killing zones, stockpiled weapons, and held a million human shields.

It actually hasn't been publicized how the the Gulf Cooperation Council helped the Iraqis take the city.

The US Air Force says that it took nine months to build a digital map of Mosul. Every building--inside and out--was scanned.

About 500 commandos did the scanning on the ground. It's clear that the GCC can also scan underground structures.

Tucker Carlson is a mindlessly yapping dolt who accidentally revealed that he holds Arabs in contempt.

Once again, Trump has made someone involuntarily drop the mask.

The real world is nothing like the world of Tucker Carlson.

Or anybody on TV, come to think of it.


@ThomasWic The political knowledge idiocy of Scott Adams amazes me every day. He did a Periscope today where he credited Tucker Carlson with preventing war with Iran. These blowhards will never accept the fact that Trump is a million times smarter than them in every aspect.




That's so embarrassing.

Who knew that so many people are off their rockers?

@trueblueTEX @ThomasWic @mirali
I watch his Periscopes daily.
He has a very unique Mindset.
I don't take anything he says at face value. I think he's saying things "for effect"
A lot like Trump, actually.

@EarlThePearls @ThomasWic @trueblueTEX @mirali
One of my first epiphanies watching Scott was having to accept his statement that Human Beings do not make the vast majority of their decisions based on reason or logic, but emotion & biases.
BOY, did a lot of the World come into focus with that one.


I have his "Win Bigly" but haven't read it, yet.

I'll have to move it up on my list.

@EarlThePearls @ThomasWic @mirali

He does have some interesting things to say once in awhile. I think a lot of what he says is just time filling to keep his profile profile up.

Having followed the crew on this site for a while it is hard to listen to some of his suppositions knowing what we know
@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @mirali

@trueblueTEX @DuaneCates @EarlThePearls @ThomasWic @mirali I really liked it. And “how to fail at everything and still win big” was very good too.

I disagree with him sometimes when I catch his periscope, but I always take what he says with a grain of salt. Someone here said it well - he’s a “mesmerizer.” He’s a hypnotist and sometimes plays games with suggestion. He geeks out on persuasion and sometimes hes speaking to the person on the fence.

@ThomasWic @trueblueTEX @mirali
Scott's Video where he said Trump HAD to listen to him or lose in 2020?
He later explained it was a test to see if You Tube is throttling his viewer count. He's convinced Twitter is throttling him as well.
I watched the Carlson Video as well, he said everything people are upset or perplexed about.
But he was talking about Carlson's ability to PERSUADE.
Not the reality of his topic.

Ho Ho and HO!

@DuaneCates @trueblueTEX @ThomasWic @mirali Hey Duane I am not sure how tomuse this site. Please tell me who ur talking about on Periscope? Is it Scott Adams of Dilbert? Thanks.

@trueblueTEX @ThomasWic @mirali
Smart isn't a Roadmap to the Truth.
(But it can really help.)
If it helps I'm thinking Scott is "speaking for effect"


That's a plausible explanation for Scott's speaking

BTW, interesting point about the "Roadmap to the Truth."

@ThomasWic @mirali

@trueblueTEX @ThomasWic @mirali @DuaneCates
Most interesting thing I think he said about pres declining to attack was think about it from the perspective of the Iranian people, to whom he sent the message that killing 150 of them was too high a price. Trump suddenly in position where HE is the one who cares about them, and their leaders are ones trying to bring death raining down on them.

Valid point? Maybe. Part of the maneuver? Who knows. But a perspective maybe not heard anywhere else.

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