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You wrote, "Are [the Democrats] baiting Trump to start something?"

Yes. Absolutely.

They did the same thing in 2007, during the Troop Surge in Iraq.

Pelosi and Tom Lantos tried to derail the surge by assuring Assad that he would not pay a price for his al-Qaeda camps in Syria.

And Lantos asked the Iraqi Kurds to try and force a Turkish invasion of Iraq.

What happened was that the British SAS went into Iran and leveled the small city where the Iranians were headquartered.

All the bomb makers, financiers, gun runners, and liaison agents were killed.

Later, the US carried out an air assault in Syria, killing an al-Qaeda commander and his staff.

TODAY, the Democrats can't screw up Trump's plans, because our allies are the ones doing the bulk of the fighting, AND the strategy is different.

Trump is one of the few people given firsthand briefings on the capabilities of the Arab strategic special forces.

The Democrats don't know anything about them.

Therefore Trump can't be baited into making decisions that will backfire.

The main issue in the Middle East is "face."

When you inflict a humiliating defeat on the enemy, he will ALWAYS come back in order to try and restore his honor.

And unless you kill every single fighter, the enemy will declare victory.

Simply surviving is a victory.

"We took on the greatest military power in the world, and we're still here!"

Going to war in the Middle East is a non-win situation...unless the locals do the bulk of the fighting.

And that's what's happening now.

Trump made the right decision. The Democrats are blaming Trump for Iran's actions.

A massive retaliation would have played into the hands of the mullahs and the Democrats.

Did you know that the mullahs refrained from shooting down the manned aircraft that filmed the drone crashing?

@ThomasWic Yes, I thought that was telling and indicative of play acting. I think that shows that the mullahs are being prodded to do things with an outcome in mind but are actually starting to realize that DJT ain't playing around. Don't think they have the balls to do what their advisors aka the Dems/Kerry etc tell them to do. GOOD. They should be scared because DJT is a STABLE genius BEAST!

@ThomasWic I'm curious, how would the Iranians know how many people were on that plane they say they could have shot down? They say 35, is that just a guess on their part?

That pretty much describes what Israel is dealing with. If Hamas lives to another day, that’s victory

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