I certainly hope they're done after 2020, for a couple generations at LEAST.

When the talking heads were blabbering on the radio today about the drone going down and Trump's response, I laughed. My son asked what was so funny about that?

I told him that Trump isn't going to be tricked by a pack of self centered, low IQ buffoons like that.

When it's all said and done though, I would like to see Kerry, Clinton, and Obama get time.

Probably wont happen, but it'd be nice.



My gut tells me that Trump will do something so monumental that the election will be a rage-fueled bloodbath.

What I mean is Trump will expose crimes against all of us, as well as our troops.

It's clear that the Democrats are no longer loyal Americans.

Therefore Trump will have no qualms about destroying their party.

The dems haven't been loyal Americans for quite some time. Their major push has been to redefine what a loyal, patriotic, American means.

To them it means nothing like what it means to us, or worse, what it means to our troops who put their asses on the line for those creeps.

Donald John Trump is going to make their efforts of the last 5 decades completely useless.

I don't envy the dems. Can you imagine working your whole life just to see DJT smash your dreams?


@ThomasWic @Watcher9
I see Trump’s presidency playing out daily as if it were a script written in good faith by all the loyal America loving people who were witnessing our country on the brink of extinction. We can thus easily observe those who would not have written that script.

@ThomasWic @Watcher9 💥💥 one mortal man destroying and exposing the decades long corruption on both sides. 👏👏 I Hope it happens 😍

@ThomasWic @Watcher9
I agree..you can almost feel something in the air and its not just in what he says but also in what he isnt saying. Whenever he talks about the Muller inquisition/witch hunt,the media, How he reacts to other things going on around him.. As I watch him I feel it in the energy that surrounds him like 'just wait,you havent seen anything yet'.

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