Jack Posobiec and Jim Hoft say that THIS is the "deep state" shutting down the "independent publishers and opposition websites" that helped Trump win in 2016.

"Court documents, that went unsealed on June 13, reveal that on April 29, a search warrant was issued to 8chan for the IP and metadata information on Earnest’s posts from the day of the shooting.

"The warrant also calls for the information of other 8chan users who commented on Earnest’s posts. The users who replied to the thread that Earnest posted could be “potential witnesses, co-conspirators and/or individuals who are inspired” by his posts about the shooting, according to the warrant."

Two 8chan users committed satirical mass shootings after writing manifestos that were nothing but shitposting.

We just had a THIRD satirical mass shooter, but he decided to attack a heavily defended federal courthouse in Dallas, so he was killed almost immediately.

The third gunman served in the US Army. Since he was discharged after less than two years, he had some kind of problem.

The idea that 8chan got Trump elected is moronic.

8chan has about 35,000 users. It had no impact whatsoever on the 2016 election.


Two of 8chan's 35,000 users have been satirical mass shooters.

Is the FBI supposed to ignore that?

Trump just announced today that ICE is going to begin deporting millions of illegals, beginning next week.

All the angry on-again, off-again Trump "supporters" like Hoft, Coulter, and Cernovich are blockheads who are stuck forever in the pre-Trump era.

"Where's the wall?" they bleated endlessly.

And as they were bleating, Trump was planning something FAR MORE audacious than a wall: mass deportation.

And now, these geniuses say 8chan won the 2016 election.

The more I understand, the less patient I become.

I guess the reason is that Hoft and Coulter and Cernovich are demoralizing their millions of readers.

Stupid people yearn to be told what to think, but when the thought-leaders are themselves stupid, it can lead to catastrophe.

Now, I have no doubt that Trump has factored in our stupidity.

He'll still win.



I hate ingratitude.

Trump gave up all 500 of his companies, and he became an international target.

The only reason he did it was to help us.

So I find it absolutely absolutely disgusting when blockheads criticize Trump for being at least a million times smarter than they are.

The weird-ass "Alt-Right" wing of conservatism needs to be run out of town on a rail.

What have they given us? Jew-hate, praise of child molestation, and satirical mass shootings.

The owner of 8chan is easily the most repulsive human being I've ever come across.

He's a human ipecac. Everything about him makes you want to vomit.

8chan celebrates mass murder, and then they bitch that the feds are investigating them.

At some point in the past 50 years, Americans lost the knowledge that actions have consequences.

I downloaded the video of the New Zealand mass shooting, and I read the comments.

My sincerest wish is that people who think murder is funny get to experience murder on the receiving end.

Too many people today don't know that something is bad unless they experience it themselves.

Being on the receiving end of murder will teach shitposters what it's like.

For the fraction of a second that they're still alive.

And then they'll be gone, and the world will be a better place.

Imagine THAT as your epitaph:

"The world is a better place without me."

Karma IS a bitch. And it's real.



"At some point in the past 50 years, Americans lost the knowledge that actions have consequences."


Epic Thomas.
A must read for every Trump supporter.

@Kathleen @ThomasWic

um, I just got here, do I really want to read this toot thread? 😬

@Kathleen @ThomasWic

Ah yes, I scanned that court document the other day. Wow, does it tie into quite a few other balls of yuck.

@Kathleen @ThomasWic

I guess it's a good thing the doc was copied using poor quality, or we'd all know how to.....with an Ingram Mac-10. holy moly.That was in the appendices. wow.

@Kathleen @ThomasWic

Prof Wictor has the envious ability to lay out the most concise word pictures/descriptors.

"Human ipecac' indeed.

I admit that I had to look up "ipecac" - perfect defintion for this creep


I knew about because I always kept a bottle of it in the medicine cabinet in case my kids swallowed something they shouldn't when they were little.😉


Isn’t nice to be able to express a truthful opinion and not get banned?

@ThomasWic my understanding was that it was faked. Mis matched carpet etc?


All particles of cultural information reduced to absurdity, then "weaponized" in the hands of mischievous fools... and somehow this is responsible for the election of Trump?

National elections are just another kind of "happening" from that perspective; it's an impulse, a great swathe of people all focused on a singular moment for the drama.

The attention you give, it's energy, and they feed off of it. That's all the devils care about.

There is no way to comprehend having a loved one murdered until it happens to your family.
My niece's husband was murdered in cold blood in their living room by a long time friend w/ mental problems. The shooter placed a handgun at Andy's heart & pulled the trigger. Later the shooter committed suicide.
When yellow police tape is involved you do not grieve normally & the masses come out in hopes to see you break down.


"Going postal" he said, "is a sad thing", then he slumped back in his chair for effect.

Your words I believe would be, "Kabuki theater."


He's an astonishing scumbag.

Have you heard of the Heart Attack Grill?

The owner is a medical doctor who is quite open about the pleasure he takes from seeing his customers die.

They spread lard on the hamburger buns.

@ThomasWic @capnjoe Am starting to think that's the worst part of the internet - all the scumbags get international attention now, not just local for their sleeziness. And the crazies too....


The Bypass Burger.

And a hot struggling nurse wrapped in bacon, pinned with a toothpick.

@ThomasWic @capnjoe
They had one in Tempe Arizona where my fiance's son lives. Its closed down now


I could only get through half it. That inflection creeped me out.

@ThomasWic @baldilocks I knew something was very wrong, but I couldn't figure it out. That does explain it. Thx.

@baldilocks @ThomasWic
very creepy..and his eyes..they say the eyes are the window of the soul...


He sounded like a cheesy TV ad that pretends to be News but is just selling something.


@ThomasWic I watched this video and his emotions, words and facial expressions are not in sync. Not sure if he's schizoid or what did you used to call it ? Oh yeah, flat affect. Hmm...


He's a monstrosity. He started 8chan because 4chan wasn't insane enough.


He wanted mayhem, and he got it.

@ThomasWic I'm not going to go all out Freud here, but it looks like the chaos he creates on 8chan is not superceded by the confusion in his own head. He's projecting big time.

@DTPrez @ThomasWic He couldn't even look straight at the camera while speaking.

@ThomasWic that guy gives me the creeps. Oh, did the plan work? Can't find any evidence of "the plan" working. Asking for a friend. /s

I made it through almost 60 seconds, then proceded to regurgitate my dinner...


Those are the progressive republicans. The "establishment" RINO freaks that should have been left in the dirt by the GOP 20 years ago, instead they became the majority of the party.

Hopefully that crap is at an end.


Dear Thomas,

You are truly a gem.

Threads like these show exactly why you were banned from social media. You truly are a threat to propaganda in the west.

Quodverum is the anti-venom to the political poison being passed out over the internet these days.

Never has being inoculated been so much fun.


I just thought that I would say "truly" one more time for old times sake.

(I hate when I write the same word more than once in a toot.)

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