Remember I told you that the satirical mass shooter would become a serious problem?

Here's the third.

He had no real beliefs. His entire life--as it were--was based on social media memes and jokes.

A mass shooting was the ultimate troll.

At least this time he was killed before he could hurt anyone else.


Thank goodness to the last line. He looks like a completely different person in every one of the photos on that site. Like a picturama of instability.

@ThomasWic It amazes me that not a single soul thought, Wow, Brian has problems, we should keep an eye on him. Are these people so isolated that no one sees they are about to go off the deep end?

@DonnaLea @ThomasWic

Most are already off the deep end. Just waiting out their opportunity to destroy the world.

@Elaines2cents @ThomasWic I agree but to be that isolated that no one sees what you are doing? That's sad in more ways than one.


That's part of it, and the other part is that troll culture is now mainstream.

So you can say whatever you want, and people will chuckle and move on to the next meme or satirical comment.

@ThomasWic Everything I read about him was gleaned from some form of social media No family, friend, coworker, neighbor, observed his activities or saw him in public and think a flag should be raised. I know many people are isolated by their own choice but there is still some interaction with real, live people .

@ThomasWic @DonnaLea
Pulse nightclub SHOULD HAVE BEEN a wake up call (2 FBI Investigations)
Parkland SHOULD HAVE BEEN a wake up call. (His aunt contacted the FBI & warned about him.)
Until the American People put their foot down about CLEAR Red Flags nothing will change

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic @DonnaLea exactly, it is not about guns and weapons it's about Mental Health. It is virtually impossible to commit someone against their will. Any good sociopath knows exactly how to act once they are caught. Professionals are very apathetic because they know there is nothing they can do. They know they can only hold them for a short amount of time and then they have to release them. They can only hold on to them after they have hurt someone which is unbelievably stupid

@JM @WarriorPoet @ThomasWic @DonnaLea
By rights the Parkland shooting should never have happened.
In Texas people would have stepped in & done something to ensure he's never set foot at that school again. In Broward they EXCUSED everything & swept it under they rug. Over and over....

@JM @DuaneCates @ThomasWic @DonnaLea I believe it was JFK in 1963 that signed the initial law that made it virtually impossible to commit someone against their will. Then Reagan came along behind him and closed all of the insane asylums rather than improve them. So now we live with the criminally insane walking amongst us. Every one of these characters is virtually the same person with the exception of this new breed that Thomas has pointed out.

@WarriorPoet @JM @DuaneCates @ThomasWic I just came back from getting groceries and yep, the insane are walking among us. I'm going to have to start going at 6am before the loons get up and out.

@DuaneCates @JM @WarriorPoet @ThomasWic @DonnaLea

Staff at the highschool had said amongst themselves, if that ever happens here, it will be Nick Cruz. When he blended into the kids streaming down a hall, a girl acquaintance remarked to Nick that she was "surprised he was not the shooter". Multiple people called the cops and the FBI on his dangerous behavior. But he was still left to march across campus with a long bag in his hand. With school cameras on delay setting. How's Russia?

@barrsniffsatjejuneanalysis @JM @WarriorPoet @ThomasWic @DonnaLea People SPECIFICALLY empowered & charged to stop someone like him SAW HIM APPROACH & ENTER THE BUILDING and did nothing.
No alarms, no calls. NOTHING.
Then when Armed Police arrived THEY did nothing (they were the kind of Cop that Polices US, not the BAD people)
Multiple failures on multiple levels.
And a disgrace.

@DuaneCates @JM @WarriorPoet @ThomasWic @DonnaLea

Shout out to, I believe if memory serves me, Coral Gables squad, who traveled from another county precinct, parked their cars and RAN past everybody else.

@DuaneCates @JM @WarriorPoet @ThomasWic And the Texas guy that was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force. I can't remember his name but that's a good thing

@DonnaLea I think tons of people know, regarding every mass shooting.

They just "don't want to get involved" OR they do get involved and law enforcement utterly shits the bed (like Parkland or Pulse).

@CaptainMarble I"m one of the few people that do get involved. It's never been anything huge but I'm not the type to let something slide if I see something suspicious. There's been a few times my husband has told me I need to mind my own business.


Incels are violent.

“In this state, I am in a realm of Euphoria, not because of a false god but because I am enlightened.”

It seems they also believe they are imbued with some uncommon, preternatural power.

@capnjoe @ThomasWic
These people live a life bereft of any meaning. It's like a social media life they are living. 🤨

@ThomasWic @capnjoe
It's like the troublemaker in a class who gets a kick out of getting the attention.

He appears to have intended to shoot his way into the courthouse, sadly (for him) the Federal Protective Service immediately engaged him
Look at this face.
Death was a mercy releasing him back to Hell.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic

Definitely a level of crazy I wouldn't want anywhere near me.


What he did was adopt every single complaint, but he added an arch, mocking tone.

So while he said he was an incel (involuntary celibate), the way he said it shows that he was satirizing it.

He also said "The storm is coming, and I'm ready!"

Then he held up a rifle.

But he was talking about a genuine rainstorm, and he said, "This storm is going to pay for kicking me off of my porch."

He mocked all politics and social issues.

No Human Language can express my contempt for people like this.
True Satirists are witty AND sociable & usually harmless (unless you hand them a crappy Drink) !
They hijack satire in the same vein ISIS hijacked Islam.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic there's no way people around him didn't know this was going to happen.

Every one of these shooters (except maybe for Vegas) has had massive alarm bells going off.


"whatever dude. Is X-Factor on tonight?"

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic

The face that says, "this is so cool, hey guys check out, I am going to shoot up a courthouse!"

@capnjoe @ThomasWic
He's said to have lived in Corpus Christi....fantastic.
Want to bet me he lived here til 2012?


Thank god the dork was too stupid to pick a "gun free" zone to carry out his mayhem.



Waldron on twit said this guy looks like a cross between Sean Penn and Mork. Dead on.


One of the times I wished you'd be wrong for once. At least the feds managed to kill him before he could do any damage.

@Aristocratic_Cthulhu @ThomasWic Pretty good example of what have armed resistance can achieve. Bet they're glad they weren't in a gun free zone.

@Pegasus @Aristocratic_Cthulhu @ThomasWic

School shootings would end immediately if they had the same protections as federal facilities

@ThomasWic My first reaction seeing these pictures was - OMG. That nobody thought to warn other people ...

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