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You wrote, "Many people haven't made up their minds! That's true every election. As polarizing as Trump is, there are still many people who don't know what to think. They have mixed feelings, or they only tune into politics at election time. Political parties always have to work to persuade those people. Thus it's crucial to understand the "hidden persuasion" power of big tech, and how they use it."

All of this is false.

You spend a lot time trying to make people afraid.

Let's look at what you're saying:

"It's crucial to understand the "hidden persuasion" power of big tech, and how they use it."

But you never debunk anything.

All you do is warn of impending disaster.

In the process of trying to make people afraid, you debunk YOURSELF.

"As polarizing as Trump is, there are still many people who don't know what to think."

If Trump is polarizing, it means that people have already made up their minds.

You can't say say Trump is polarizing AND has not caused people to make up their minds.


Trump is FAR BETTER POSITIONED NOW than he was in 2016.

He defeated a household-name politician given a nearly 100 percent chance to win.

Who's running against him now?

Nightmarish buffoons.

And Trump has DELIVERED.

Not one of the buffoons has delivered.

Your are a fear monger.

In World War Two, people were told to NOT spread fear.

When fear becomes rampant, it cause people to give up. You are telling people that Big Tech has all the advantages.

THAT will make people decide to not bother voting.

You are WRONG about everything you're saying.

Big Tech will have ZERO impact on the election. At some point, it becomes INSANE to continue being afraid.

We passed that point a long time ago.

It is FINE to be confident, and it is SELF-DESTRUCTIVE to spread fear.

You obviously have no faith in Trump, which I can't understand, but I no longer try to understand.

If Big Tech leftists have already won the culture war, then Trump would not have been elected, and nothing he's accomplished would have happened.

He already would have been impeached and removed from office.

Nancy Pelosi would not be trying to stop impeachment.

There would be no investigation into Spygate.

And on and on and on.

People like you always say, "We've already lost, but we need to learn about the enemy's methods."


If we've already lost, what's the point in learning about the enemy's methods.

This cognitive dissonance tells me that you just want to spread fear.

Well, all the fears you're trying to spread all false.

Trump has defeated Big Tech and leftism in general.

If you were being constructive, I wouldn't challenge your statements.

But you NEVER offer solutions.

All you do is say, "We are DOOMED."

That makes you an agent of leftism, so I can't let your fear mongering go unchallenged.


@ThomasWic To this I would add...

Big Tech is likely to have some effect but not the effect they expect to have.

People have caught on to their game. They are paying attention to folks like Project Veritas & others who've been pointing out their fear based shenanigans such as demonetization or out right bans of Conservative thinkers. Think about it. They make a cut of monetized video. These are desperate moves on their part.

@HuntinHippy @ThomasWic
Most people have lives to live, I don't think they spend their time looking up stuff online. As far as their concerned have their lives gotten better since 2016?

@redwhitebluedude @ThomasWic This is true & I don't mean to over state the amount of effect that big tech will have. Perhaps I should have used minimal rather than some as I don't believe it will be as big as either side of the aisle appears to believe.

Part of the reason I say it will have any effect is because I don't spend all day on the internet looking stuff up. I go out an talk to folks & try to guide them wisely with what little wisdom I can give.

@redwhitebluedude @HuntinHippy @ThomasWic I’m my (HO) Trump is winning bigger than ever.Those never Trumpers are waiting to see what idiot they will vote for.Trumps support has and will continue to grow.My love for my Country is stronger than ever. I’m proud to be an American.I feel safer. We have a president that says what millions of Americans feel.He is getting the job done.It only gets better going forward.Fun times ahead as Trump crushes in the debates.MSM will be clenching & grinding their

@redwhitebluedude @HuntinHippy @ThomasWic teeth.Im no longer embarrassed of a Leader who sold America out. Pride is back. ❤️🇺🇸💙

@ThomasWic I don’t know the percentage, but I’m sure the vast majority of Americans don’t spend a lot of their time on social media, much less believe whatever the tech giants are pushing. PDJT has made life easier, kept promises and has an agenda. That’s what matters to voters


According to Pew Research, about 61 percent of Americans say they get AT LEAST SOME of their news from social media, and 50 percent of THOSE people assume that social-media news is lies.

In other words, Big Tech can't win elections.

But Trump wants them to think they can.

In CT I know lots of Ds & Is. If they use social media at all, it's fakebook to cheer their team or share pictures of kids & pets. Politics, especially when no election imminent, is not wanted on their radar. Getting politics forced on them non-stop by fake news is making them angry &, even with limited knowledge of the truth, rallying them behind the President because their own life experiences under Trump have no relation to what they see as unfair attacks & negative stories.

It looks to me that, while driven by fear, the tech censorship is making people not fearful, but ANGRY.

Even more, YouTube has now gone the extra step by flailing around and attacking everyone, both on the left and the right, with the and the Cnet gaming hitpiece.

Everyone is now mad at YouTube!


Agreed, Thomas!

Anyone who posts statements like, “As polarizing as Trump is...” is automatically NOT a Trump supporter. That’s it in a nutshell.

The article that was cited about the power of Big Tech (if I’ve connected the dots here properly) was written by a confessed Hillary supporter — a psychologist who writes for Psychology Today — the epitome of Lib shrink-think.


Way to go Thomas. Well stated. Thanks for always calling a spade ♠️ !!

@ThomasWic Thank you for this thread. Hopefully a few others will take this to heart, too.


Agree. Did you put out your thoughts on how and why Democrats won back the house 2018? I understand this happens a lot. I was surprised myself, inspite of the MSM going 90 percent hard against POTUS because I thought how can people not see the good things being done ( too many Americans hung up on words in favor of actions? )?


I could not agree more about the insane garbage of fomenting fear to get people engaged. That is psycho babble derived from the enemy to dispirit theirs.

When I see this garbage, I jump right in and offer to them the Patton principles on engaging an enemy. His 3rd Army speech was inspiring young men, not scaring them. We need more grease for our treads!

@RonOgletree @ThomasWic

Most of twitter is more like Private Snafu than General Patton, which is why I mainly stick to Quodverum.


Can’t wait to see Eric Swalwell on the debate stage. Putting that on my calendar.

@Silver @ThomasWic I’d pay money to see Biden came out and sniff everyone.

Too bad Dems are humorless. That'd be hilarious!


Can you imagine??!! That would be priceless !

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