I have a fifty year history with my city.

In a couple of months, I'll leave forever, because Mexicans made it impossible to live here.

The first wave of illegals came in the 1980s.

The church on the corner bought three houses on the street to stuff with illegals.

Each house has three or four families.

As I sit here writing, the Mexicans are shooting off skyrockets.

They used to do it only on holidays, but now the cops don't enforce any laws, so the Mexicans have turned my city into a Mexican city.

We have massive crime, stray dogs, feral cats, shopping carts, gunfire, and nightly parties and skyrockets.

Mexicans love squalor. It reminds them of their beloved homeland, which they fled because it's a shithole.

So they made MY city a shithole.

The children of Mexican illegals actually do worse than their parents.

They don't speak any language fluently, and they are not qualified to do any job except lifting or pushing.

When the first wave of illegals came, things were different.

The cops enforced the law.

Mexicans love deafening music, so one night we called the cops on one of the church houses.

The cops came and told the Mexicans to turn down the music.

After the cops left, the Mexicans turned up the music again.

We called the cops again.

The cops came, went into the house, and tore out all the speaker wires.

God, we laughed!


Now, the cops don't contain the illegal Mexicans in any way.

There isn't a single aspect of my life that has escaped being negatively impacted by illegal Mexicans.

The food is now poisonous, the traffic is always bumper to bumper, it takes eight hours to be seen by an emergency doctor, all my insurance rates have skyrocketed.

We not only need the wall, we need mass deportations.

Years ago, the cops in my family told me that they dreaded arresting Mexicans, because their childish pride made them fight tooth and nail.

That was decades ago. THOSE Mexicans were an advanced civilization compared to the people who demolished my city.

My friend Nick was a quadriplegic. I wrote a novel about him.

One night Nick heard a massive car accident right outside his house.

Two gangbangers were T-boned by a person they had just robbed.

The gangbangers had gone down a side street, and when they came to the intersection, the car hit them at over 100 miles per hour.

The driver was killed instantly, but Nick wheeled his chair up to the passenger side and heard his death rattle.

The site of the accident became a shrine for David and Jaime, who were both 19 and left four children each.

David had three baby mamas, and Jaime had four.

Both gangbanger had heads shaped like pinto beans.

They were so obese that their foreheads were fat.

All the gangbangers and baby mamas lit candles and put up signs that David and Jaime were now in heaven.

Squalor. Degradation.

There's no excuse for this. Leftists want voters, and conservatives want a slave class.

The Chamber of Commerce wanted to sue Trump, because he was stopping the flow of slaves who get murdered and raped and tortured on their way here.

So screw California. It's done.

Nevada will come back from its flirtation with leftism, but California is terminal.

The Chinese are buying up my city. Wait until they win political control.


Communist Chinese versus illegal Mexicans.

Let them fight it out.

I'll be in Nevada with my door shut.

My brother now uses TWO electronic sirens on the Mexican chickens next door.

The Mexicans put the Chickens in the barn for one day.

Then we do it all over again the next day.

These people don't belong in the United States. They are a medieval peasant culture.

For every Mexican we let in, we need to let in ten Europeans.

It's incredible how conservative ALL European immigrants become.

We need the ten-to-one ratio in order to mitigate the damage that the peasants are doing.

We also need to let in Bahamians and English-speaking Africans.

So, a combination of ten Europeans, Bahamians, and Africans for each Mexican.

THAT is the ticket.



The California Assembly voted 44-11 in favor of a bill last week that broadens state Medicaid coverage to include illegal immigrants to the tune of more than $3 billion annually.

In the mean time everyone else can pay higher rates.

@Sarah_Roberts so ur taxes will go up even more ? I will never understand how this can go on ?

@Sarah_Roberts - I confess my ignorance on Medicaid funding, but if this -- in any shape, form, or fashion impacts FEDERAL funding -- and OUR (Non-Californians) taxes, it should be CRUSHED in a court of law.

@Lonestar @Sarah_Roberts I am not certain about this particular CA law, but OBAMACARE started it by allowing states to broaden Medicaid. Texas and many other states opted out of the mandate.

The Affordable Care Act needs to be revoked. John McCain thumbed down this before dying of brain cancer, his legacy as far as I am concerned.

This affects all Americans of every state. Our tax dollars =Medicaid, which was never meant to be a health plan, but rather one for short periods of time. Ugh.


The Medicaid program is jointly funded by the federal government and states. The federal government pays states for a specified percentage of program expenditures, called the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) . States must ensure they can fund their share of Medicaid expenditures for the care and services available under their state plan.

@David_Motley @ThomasWic

I hope Thomas tells us what city he USED TO live in, because I really wanna Google Earth it, and see if it looks that bad from space.

I'm guessing you'll be able to see how bad, at least a bit.

@jaybug @ThomasWic

You wouldn't want to see it if you knew what it used to look like.

Just a damn shame.

@David_Motley @ThomasWic

I can scarce imagine. I've only spent a night in Crescent City, Ca. over the past 10 years. Broken would be how I describe it. Some little things here and there were just broken, and no one cared to fix it.

@David_Motley @jaybug @ThomasWic it sounds like any number of cities near the City of Industry, like Maywood or Downey. Also, Maxine Waters has a whole congressional district with cities that seem like the 3rd World: Hawthorne, Inglewood, Gardena ans I forget the others. Many of the elected reps don’t even live in their districts.

@jaybug @David_Motley @ThomasWic

I know, but wont say. Thomas' house looks good (at least the last google street images do).

Praying you get out of there soon too Thomas ❤️

@ThomasWic Hi! European here and already quite conservative. This idea sounds great!

Sorry to hear you haven't gotten out of there yet. Last I heard you were going to be in NV last fall.

I know smoking cigarettes is a bad thing. I heard recently that CA is banning the sale of cigarettes. I will never understand how a state that allows someone to knowingly transmit AIDS, shoot up heroin, legalize marijuana, defecate and urinate in public can ban something that is legal.

@Otsie61 @marleneroseb

High end cigar and scotch shops are allowed. Can’t have the richest folks upset.

And they wanted to ban plastic straws. Free syringes, which are mostly plastic, are okay but not drink straws.

@marleneroseb @ThomasWic

My PERSONAL opinion: cigarettes should be illegal. They contain hundreds of deadly chemicals, induce inflammation which causes havoc on the entire body starting with the cardio-pulmonary system, and are irritatingly, mind numbingly, frustratingly addictive.

I had my last cigarette LAST NIGHT. I'm going to eat my keyboard soon, so I doubt I'll be typing in much until I regain my sanity and get a new one.

@Watcher9 @marleneroseb @ThomasWic Bravo NT👏You can do it!... and I agree, cigarettes should be illegal.

@ThomasWic i hope a certain someone doesn’t see this. You will get a lashing. It is shameful what has happened to your community. I am in NORCAL, 16 miles east of SF. No such problems here, yet. While it is kinda expensive here, if LEOS are needed they arrive in force within 5 minutes or less. If you need a mini vaca I have 2 spare rooms. No tent cities, no 💩on the streets. Spanish speaking people. Tons, of them. Many appreciate the US. ❤️❤️

In 2016 I took a deep dive into American culture and politics, the 'rise' of Trump being the main cause.

Never in my life I've switched politics faster, going to conservatism.

I know you hated your time in the Netherlands, and won't convince you otherwise. At least most of the people here I personally know aren't bad people. They unfortunately know too many things that aren't so.

@ThomasWic My little town is forever changed, as well.
It is the fault of local industry which supported the Chamber Of Commerce. I saw it happen.

The influx of people of a different culture so quickly was a huge burden on schools, hospitals, police, you name it, so that our little town has let some things go, like you said, the police are overwhelmed.

Like David said, Viva Las Vegas! Elvis Lives!

@ThomasWic my friends son went to live the Californian dream . He wanted to be a writer . He worked and managed to live out there for several years until one day ... after hitting some rough financial patches.. got hit and by guess what ?? Yep an illegal invader . Not calling her an immigrant. She is here illegally. You think she gave two shits or that the court system did ??? Nope .. he was a rabid sjw but now sees the light.


I grew up in East L.A. six decades ago I grew up despising the gangs "Avenues" and "Hazard"...Moved recently to Heaven, i.e. TEXAS.

I'm from Mexico, as is my entire family. My father died when I was young. He was a LEGAL Bracero, buried in Yakima, Washington were died from fulminant Leukemia, alone, as we were all still in Mexico.

My mother and her 11 kids immigrated to the U.S. LEGALLY. My brother is a Judge in CA.



Every one of my brothers and sisters retired from private companies, with private pensions.

I was a physician for 40 years. Hubby earned a pension with decades of City Work. Our oldest is an Internationally renowned figurative painter and sculptor. Our other son graduated from West Point, served outside the wire in Afghanistan for two tours, and was honorably discharged with a Bronze-V among other honors. Our daughter got a Master's, and is a Physical Therapist.



...She paid her way via 8 years in the Texas National Guard. Her hubby was honorably discharged as First Lieut. after a tour in Djobouti. We now have eight grandkids, all living here in Heaven, ie. TEXAS.

ALL of us, including the babies, are Trump Republicans. We left the shit-hole that is MEH-HEE-KO, and we left the shithole that is East LA long gone in the rear-view mirror.

Personally, we believe that fourth and fifth generation Europeans have done a SHITTY job...



...America's most precious treasure -- it's SOVEREIGNTY.

4th and 5th generation Europeans flocked to the polls, falling all over themselves to elect Obama (and did the same here in TEXAS, to TRY to elect "Beto")

4th and 5th generation Europeans have done a shitty job by fawning over Democrats OPEN BORDERS obsession that has allowed ILLEGAL hordes of Central Americans, and Mexicans to use our country as a Department Store.



...And 4th and 5th generation Europeans have done a shitty job ACCULTURATING these ILLEGAL hordes, further compounding their original sin by NOT ACCULTURATING THEM PROPERLY because they PITY them.

This is why The TRUMP GOP's efforts to MERIT immigration laws is so vital. It will happen, and the insanity caused by 4th and 5th Generation European Liberals will soon end.

Legal Mexican immigrants are fine with me; ILLEGAL hordes from Mexico and East L.A. are not fine with me.

@IndiaMaria @ThomasWic

Actually, the European policy of forced assimilation and apartheid has resulted in permanent ghettos of VERY acculturated riff-raff who, having lost the moral bearings of their elders never adopted those of the land that rejects them.

Oh, yes, "illegal immigrant" is an oxymoron.

@Debradelai @ThomasWic


"Permanent ghettoes"

Like Sacramento, Portland, Seattle and Austin....heh, heh

@IndiaMaria @Debradelai @ThomasWic

I laugh out loud whenever I see the black & white “beto” sticker. I also keep a sharp eye on the car knowing the driver is a moron.

@Debradelai @IndiaMaria @ThomasWic " "illegal immigrant" is an oxymoron."

Implication: an immigrant can't be illegal, and an illegal person can't be an immigrant.


@dsbrenner @IndiaMaria @ThomasWic

I know you aren't so bright. But give it time.

It might one day dawn on you.

Or not.

What concerns me is that for the first time the American (white) childbirth rate has started to decline. Yet the Mexicans and Muslims are having many, many children all supported by our Government. Soon whites will be outnumbered. From my experience, neither Mexicans nor Muslims want to assimilate, learn English, and become Americans (they could care less about the Republic, laws, the Constitution etc.).

I agree that anyone who seeks citizenship learn English and study civics and know our history and how special our country is. Based on the idea of individual freedom.

@ThomasWic when you become president, where would this European need to apply?

My question is this; how the hell are you going to sell your place?

The only people I can think that would want to live next to that shit can't possibly have any way to afford it.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong about that, because for your own sanity's sake I want you out of there ASAP.


Make it Eastern Europeans. We don't want the likes of May, Macron and Merkel here.


And don't forget our favorite people, the Norwegians! 😀

@ThomasWic ☺😂great thread. Reality of what has been done is apalling. So greatful for your sense of humor. Hoping for new immigrants like you describe.

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