I knew a family in the Bay Area. They were rabid leftists, but I never let them know my beliefs.

Their daughter was the most troubled child I've ever known.

I met her when she was three.

The family and I were friends for ten years.

It was clear that the parents were totally disconnected from their daughter.

When the girl was 13, I visited.

The parents went off to some kind of meeting, leaving me alone with their daughter.

She immediately told me that she was going to go take a shower.

I knew what she was going to do.

After she took her shower, she came out in a bathrobe.

She was fiddling with the belt.

I knew that she was going to DROP the bathrobe, so I said, "Go get dressed, kiddo."

"Why?" she asked saucily.

"Because that's what civilized people do," I said.

As she began to untie the belt, I jumped up, grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around, and ran her into her room.

She was a big kid. Six feet tall and strong. She leaned back against me, but I ran her so fast that she had to move forward to keep from falling on her face.

In her room, she slammed the door so hard that the house shook.

But she came out dressed.

After I went home, I wrote a letter to the parents, telling them what happened and that their daughter needed psychiatric help.

They cut off all contact with me, as I knew they would.

The daughter came to a bad end. She joined a cult that consisted of one middle-aged man and nothing but young blonde female followers.

She also became a titanic alcoholic.

When she hit on me, I could've taken her up on it.

She was already sexually active at the time, and she joined a sex cult.

Nobody would've known.

But it would've been wrong.

MORE than wrong. It would've been evil.

I did contact her on Twitter when she was 27.

She never responded.

When she was on Flickr, she posted 18,000 self-portraits. Those were the only photos she took.

And in every self-portrait, she was trying out a different come-hither expression.

I looked at all 18,000 self-portraits, because she haunted me.

But she kept going, down-down-down.

Now she doesn't have a social-media presence. I don't know if she's still alive.

Her parents had put her in a private school that taught little girls that their self-worth is measured in their "hotness."

Everyone I knew in the Bay Area imploded.


I can't imagine letting your daughter commit suicide over a period of 20 years.

But I've had to admit that there's only one possible reason why this little girls was so obsessed with sex.

And that's why the parents cut me off. I'd exposed their secret.

And they talked endlessly about their moral superiority.

@ThomasWic When I was 17 I was at my Aunt's House visiting when a Family Friend of hers dropped by. She had 3 kids with her, 1 was a girl of about 5-6 who asked to "climb" me as I sat on a Bed watching Cartoons. She clambered around on me like a little monkey...then plopped her bottom on my groin & began gyrating. I immediately stopped her & asked WTH are you doing?
She just giggled & tried AGAIN.
I threw her off me onto the Bed, she came BACK, Flip, whump...
Then ran for my Aunt.

@DuaneCates @ThomasWic

My 9 y/o cousin was like that after we "adopted" her from my drug addled aunt.

She was used to being around disgusting pigs and thought that was how normal girls behaved.

My mother was horrified!
It took a long while to break her of that "instinct?"

After my mother was killed, her mother regained custody.

Now she's got a bunch of welfare nits from different daddies who are all in and out of prison.

She went back to what she knew best. Sexual manipulation.

@capnjoe @DuaneCates

The former 13-year-old I knew is now 29.

She posted photos of herself looking like a drug-addicted streetwalker.

The closeups are horrible. Her skin has that papery, transparent look that comes from terminal alcoholism.

@ThomasWic @DuaneCates

It's a damn shame.

My cousin hasn't become a fiend, but she "games" the welfare system and uses her figure to get what she can from the men in her life.

She's pretty, I guess, if you like gangster girls.

A far cry from where she was when she said goodbye.

On FB she posts "riding dirty" pics of her reefers and cocktails as she cruises the neighborhood in tax payer comfort.

She blocked me for expressing my disappointment. Her boo threatened me!



@capnjoe @DuaneCates

"My father says almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant total amazement."

--Joe Versus the Volcano

@ThomasWic @capnjoe @DuaneCates
Yep, those brain clouds are a bitch to deal with. It might sound like a joke, but some people actually live in their own self made brain clouds. A lot of potential lost talent out there.

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