President Trump made an unannounced appearance at McLean Bible Church today where Pastor David Platt delivered a moving prayer asking God to give the president “the grace he needs to govern.”

The president did not deliver any remarks and quietly left the platform as many in the congregation cheered and applauded.

Trump looks very different to me in this video.

His hair was combed differently and I've never seen him dressed this way.

Was this Trump or a look alike.

@NevadaJack He does look
different, and yet the mannerisms
are distinctly PDJT.


I agree with you and am now sure that it was really him.

@NevadaJack @Beemer4Trump

We APPEAR to be in a very important period, so Trump is sowing as much confusion as possible.

There was no reason for him to appear with a different hairstyle.

He did it to distract.

Right now there are tons of distractions and kabuki. All over the world.

Knowing TRUMP, all the major changes will happen on the same day.


@NevadaJack @Beemer4Trump

List off my head:

North Korean mass executions.

Bombing of Idlib, Syria, with incendiaries.

The wall being built on the border.

The Democrats raving about impeachment.

The Middle East uniting against Iran.

AG Barr refuting everything Mueller did and said.

China threatening war every other day.

Tariffs on Mexico.

Invasion by illegals from all over the globe.

Since there's too much to keep track of, that tells me that something is up.


I have to agree with you. There sure is a lot going on at the same time. We're getting close to a major reset.


@ThomasWic @NevadaJack
Thanks Thomas, I missed the
mass executions in NoKo, I will
look that up. AG Barr makes
Mueller appear weak and screechy,
and I love it! Great list, and it is
chaos around the globe....something is happening!

@Beemer4Trump @NevadaJack

At least ONE such claim turns out to have been a lie.

I'm almost 100 percent positive that Kim Jong-un is carrying out strategic distractions in conjunction with the actions of other nations.

@ThomasWic @NevadaJack @Beemer4Trump @Saul @REX

"...something is up." And, God willing, a lot of evil ones are going down.

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