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You wrote, "Nichols’ rantings on Twitter about expertise have always bothered me. I’m not opposed to experts, per se, but relying exclusively on experts has its own dangers."

My main field of interest is World War One assault troops.

All so-called experts are buffoons.

They say that this weapon does not exist.

That's a Swedish soldier firing a rifle grenade.

It took me YEARS to find the composition of Swedish infantry squads in World War One.

They were actually called "sections," each of which was comprised of two half-sections or "rifle groups."

One rifle group was comprised of a group leader, five riflemen, one rifle grenadier, four hand-grenade throwers, and one machine-rifle squad.


I found the information on postcards that soldiers sent to their families.

Experts laugh.

They ignore me, which is fine.

There are no experts on the current fighting in the Middle East, which is showcasing the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA).

Last night I proved my theory that the fighting in Syria is staged. Assad, the mullahs, Putin, and Erdogan lost.

They're being allowed to playact in order to save face.


The first photo below shows a Syrian Arab Army T-72 main battle tank on May 22, 2019.

The day before, the SAME TANK was shown being used by Erdogan's jihadists going into battle.

It's a prop.

Both sides are only pretending to fight.

What I always do is go where the evidence takes me.

"Experts" come up with a notion and then reject everything that doesn't bolster it. They are crippled by the idée fixe.

I am the world's leading expert on the Third Revolution in Military Affairs--aside from the people who actually brought it about, of course.

All I did was watch videos while keeping an open mind.

Rigidity of thought leads to extinction.

Darwinism in action.



The first thing I did was question ... how does he know they're the same tank? Then I looked and there was the identical right front bumper. I feel like the Wictor training has taught me well 😊

@Elaines2cents @ThomasWic
Same for me. When Thomas posted those pictures side by side on an earlier thread, I didn’t take the time to look at them closely. This time (since he was tooting at me) I did. We really shouldn’t doubt Thomas.


Thank you, Thomas. When people close their minds, they end up living in ignorance.

@ThomasWic Oh LMAO!!! Can't pull nothing over on our perceptive Thomas! I will note something about experts though. Most find a sweet spot of information that pays them well and then they do not stray from that area far. You find the same thing in all venues and if you buy a book from one of these shysters and then buy the second and the third book it is all simply a regurgitation. To them, they found their payday and are, like inertia, unable to move from their font.

@ThomasWic I just watch the video. I have never in my life seen such clean jihadists in my life. Not a soiled uniform in the bunch. The ammo can look like they just had unwrapped it and so did the ammo belt. I was in the middle east for some time and not once did I see anyone who truly lived there that clean and well dressed unless they were rich. All the weapons look brand new straight from arms dealer.

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