Very interesting thread by Brian Cates posing as Bryan Mills:

"As long as this @Gingrich_of_PA asshole is going around digging up old videos and posts so he can attack people whHT so as to deflect from the fact his fake Super PAC is dying, I'm more than happy to help him continue EXPOS […]"



My ISP was hacked, and some Third World blackmailer got a password I hadn't used in ten years.

He said he had videos of me watching adult entertainment and pleasuring myself, which he'd filmed from my computer camera. He wanted $900.

My computer camera only films my head and shoulders. I asked him how he knew I was pleasuring myself, since my permanent expression is THIS.

His two-volt Pakistani chicken shorted out, and he never answered.

@ThomasWic @NevadaJack seriously now folks... That face has pleasure written all over it...😜🤣👍

@ThomasWic @NevadaJack I downloaded that picture there has to be some seriously funny use for it in the future...


$900 black mail job!!!!

That reminds me of "Ruthless People" when they have to negotiate a DISCOUNT for the ransom money!!



Believe it or not, I got the almost exact same email a couple of weeks ago.

He showed me a password I hadn't used in ages and he wanted $1400 in Bitcoin.

He told me same thing about having video of me playing with myself.

The only problem is that I don't have a camera on my computer.

I ignored him and I never heard from him again.

He could have gotten the old passwords from anywhere, not necessarily your ISP.


My ISP was hacked.

They admitted that millions of users had their old passwords stolen.


Thanks. I have no idea it the guy got my old password from my ISP or from any of the many online retail accounts I have.

I change them often.

@NevadaJack @ThomasWic

There are a bunch of websites where you can find them yourself.

They got one I used for Acrobat 15 years ago.

Quite the scam industry around that.

@NevadaJack You should have told the guy you don't have to pleasure yourself, because his mother and sisters do such a great job.

@Give_Me_Liberty @NevadaJack James Woods always made that comeback and it made me a little angry. Why do women have to be set up to be the fall guy? Why must they be treated like whores to get back at some asshole?...I think Thomas did the right thing.

@campers Just a little humor. I'm a woman, but I still have a sense of humor.

@NevadaJack @ThomasWic

Giving in to blackmail empowers the blackmail. It's almost always best to lie to them to try to pretend you're doing things they want in order to draw their identity, info, or location out into the open, & not care a hoot about their blackmail, especially if they do what they threaten, except to end them. SJWs are defining being white, male, patriotic, English speaking, smart, or straight to be criminal immoral acts deserving of being attacked; blackmail is meaningless.

@bwa_aptos @NevadaJack @ThomasWic Dealing with crap like this is part of my job. Fake-porn-blackmails are sent using credentials from third-party data breaches. You can check all of your email addresses to see where they may have been breached here:

@bwa_aptos @NevadaJack @ThomasWic A common ploy is to alias the recipient's email address in the message header so it looks like it came from their own account. The true sender is often a garbage free account from a "reputable" mailhost so they can defeat mail validation rules.

Microsoft REALLY needs to make it harder to bulk-create junk accounts.

@bwa_aptos @NevadaJack @ThomasWic I check the mail headers, verify where it came from, and if it's a company that actually follows the law I turn the spammers in. Their email accounts are terminated, and depending on what they were doing, the mailhost may have to bring in the authorities.

I don't get mad, I get even.

@bwa_aptos @NevadaJack @ThomasWic Just last week I turned in a particularly vile sender, and the mailhost sent me a reply:

"Thank you for reporting these.

"We took care of the user."

@hecate @bwa_aptos @NevadaJack @ThomasWic And thanks for what YOU do to help keep the interwebs safe! I checked that site and all my emails had been Pwned in some way. Sheesh!

@hecate @bwa_aptos @NevadaJack @ThomasWic
I keep getting those, lol. My BF is a computer tech/grey hat and told me not to worry. Then, I got hit with ransomware thinking it was similar and I laughingly told him - he burst out with expletives, immediately jumped up and went to work on my computer. We use Linux so they weren't able to access my files to encrypt them. He had me cleaned up and ready to go in sort order. It's nice to have someone like that around the house; I'd be lost otherwise.

@StarLasswell @bwa_aptos @NevadaJack @ThomasWic Linux Mint is my go-to for non-technical friends who just can't stay out of trouble with Windows.

@ThomasWic @NevadaJack

I get those 3-4 times a week. Just report them to Bitcoin and the IRS Internet fraud division. If I can track their ISP, I report it there too.

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