For your own safety, ignore people who show you by their actions that they can't be reached.

One woman had her new book canceled because she asked someone to follow the rules.

There's no point in confronting people who are already displaying every indication that they will never listen.


We now live in the era of instant online mob assault.

It's simply not worth asking these people to follow the rules.

They've made horrible choices that have resulted in horrible lives, so they're creatures of pure rage.

Your life can be ruined or TAKEN in a flash.

You didn't expect it, because you haven't yet accepted that this is Armageddon, and people are choosing sides.

Choose life. Be here to see the post-Armageddon world.

Don't die because you confronted someone who is already far gone.


@ThomasWic So true. One never knows what might trigger someone.

@ThomasWic anyone who feels entitled to hurt me because I "HOW DARE HE" will be on the wrong end of savage, merciless, disproportionate force.

They can toss me in prison after, but I won't bend a knee or take a beating.

But I DO follow your advice. For example, last week at the movies. Two people felt the need to curse and talk loudly throughout the film (but not the whole film, thankfully). I was carrying my Glock 43. I knew I couldn't escalate, because it could result in death.

@ThomasWic I wanted to shout at them "SHUT THE FUCK UP" but stayed quiet.

I accept that they are lowlifes who are basic bitch nihilists, or severely mentally ill.

I choose to make movie-going a very RARE occurrence instead.

And anyone trying to hurt me (I take blood thinners) may get shot in the face. I will not hesitate.


One thing is for certain.

That man who was killed had no idea that him being pushed off the bus was even a possibility.

We all have to wake up. This is not the same world it was even, say, 10 years ago.


Heartbreaking, and horrifying. I hope the killer is caught and convicted.



The video from the bus sickened me. On July 17, 1996 I was at a concert in the park. The elderly man next to me on the bleachers asked the teen behind him to remove her knees from his back. She told him to F-off. He stood and turned to face her. She shoved him hard. He went flying backwards. A man and I managed to grab him to stop his fall. The savage was removed, not arrested.
Surreal night. Flight 800 was crashing at just about the same moment ..

@Cdubois @GenesRayBurn

@hejoural @ThomasWic @Cdubois @GenesRayBurn

I'm not a big fan of attending stadium events anymore.

I had some girl jam her knees into my back, but I was not quite so old, so when I turned around I roared at her to know it off. But I did it in the language of the former sailor I used to be.

The next season, an older lady was sitting behind me. She got off on trying to stick her toes up my butt.

We quit going the following year.



My own approach is silence and the willingness to use incredible violence if accosted.

Young people today look for the elderly to prey on.

Anyone who goes after me loses his eyeballs.

I know how to take them out instantly.


Silence. It’s the best strategy. It also leaves potential adversaries unclear of what they might be up against.

I never look for trouble, and I’ll completely ignore obnoxious behavior. But you have to always be on high alert now and, deliver violence, if absolutely necessary. It’s a sad new fact of life that I don’t see getting any better.


Good lesson, Thomas.

And it is delivered in a positive and uplifting manner instead of a frightful manner.


@ThomasWic This is true. A friend of mine said something about two Hispanic women changing their babies on chairs at the mall, and one of the women ran after her to confront her - since my friend grew up in a tough part of L.A., she turned and stood her ground and the woman backed down. Scary though!


I never confront people now, it's too dangerous. Where I live a gal confronted another gal for touching her laundry, and I listened at the door to make sure it was only an argument, and not an assault, before resuming my evening. Management says bring everything to them and don't try to talk to the other tenant.

Hey Quods,

I am blocked from viewing that Twitter account. Can you please send me the name - I will use my backup account to view it. Thank you!

(Please expand status).

@Barb @prchrskd @DeplorableAynNY Thanks, strangely I'm blocked by that person too though I have no idea who she is.

@Jackie @prchrskd @DeplorableAynNY

I have no idea who the person is either, but I was able to see the tweet so who ever it is, hasn't blocked me yet! 😊

@Barb @Jackie @prchrskd


She probably randomly blocks MAGA accounts.

But, she is a loser - that much we know 😊.

I don't know who she is either. If she blocks me because I'm Maga, lucky me.
@Barb @Jackie

@prchrskd @DeplorableAynNY @Barb @Jackie

Actually, I have been thinking about this random blocking thing for a long time.

It is impossible for a single user to block people he or she never had any interactions with ever. All I can say is that this just shows me a red flag so to speak.

Is this automated by programs or is the account handled by experts?

Just my two cents here while enjoying reading everyone's friendly and enlightening comments ❤️


Your two cents are welcome anytime. The user manually blocks an account.

@prchrskd @Barb @Jackie

@DeplorableAynNY @prchrskd @Barb @Jackie
This is also a tool they frequently use even though it is manual. However, the question is who provides them with these lists. This is an organised and highly professional strategy being used.

And thank you for your kind words 🙏 ❤️


Our names were probably on a
block list. I hope the blockers are secure in their bubble.

What has happened to humanity? We are all going to be so overcome with fear of violent retaliation for having a point of view.


Just for now.

The demon makes the most commotion before it's forced to leave.

If you think about it, there's no reason to ask sullen, hostile people to behave in a civilized manner.

They never will, and now you can lose your life over it.

But this period will end.

@ThomasWic Thank you, you give me hope that my faith in the goodness of people is still there and can be restored- hope it’s in my lifetime.

@ThomasWic I know these people and I spent many years with them. Their attitude in life pushed me to my limit that I had to cut them off completely. I am calmer and saner now because of it.



Truly end-times behavior.

This is what that Kappy nut had to say about that desperation.

“Beware the man has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect.”

@ThomasWic Evil people in this world. I have a bad habit of calling people out in public like that. I better learn to keep me mouth shut.

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